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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week 4 Hair

Courtesy Bear Fruit Hair
Courtesy Bear Fruit Hair


I feel a little guilty. 

Yes, I do. My husband doesn't even know yet what I did. Not that I have to consult him for everything that I do, but we are trying to save money.  

I bought two new products online! 

I know, I know. I have enough stuff already. Plus. I'm not trying to turn myself into a "product junkie" as the saying goes. I just haven't found a deep conditioner I like yet.

Granted, I've only been using one so far:  

Shea Moisture, raw shea butter deep conditioning masque

Yet, I'm not completely convinced with it. It smells amAZing and is nice and creamy, but it doesn't do much for my hair. It doesn't damage my hair or anything but it doesn't add to my hair.

So I bought one from a website that others (yes, on youtube) seem to really like. It has all-natural ingredients and they make products for all hair types and for all races. I also bought a nice leave-in conditioner that is for especially dry hair in especially dry climates. Made for me!

The website is called: Bear Fruit Hair and I got:

    I also have another motivation:

    I've been wanting a really good protein treatment. But I haven't heard anything truly special about any, one, product. So I want to try Henna. 

    The positive is that I found some here in Spain at a local health food store! I think I'm going to pick up a few boxes. 

    I probably won't try this, or the above products, until August, which is the end of Month 3

    Henna tends to dry out the hair so you have to moisturize really well afterwards. Including a rich, deep, conditioner. Hence, the aforementioned purchases right?

    A lot of people use Henna as a natural way to color their hair but it also works as a protein treatment. People say it strengthens hair, makes it thicker, fuller, and silkier. Sounds great. I'm willing to try it. Especially since it's all-natural, it's plant based. 

    When I do I will take photos (maybe video!) and do a complete review of the experience. As well as detailing the benefits of Henna more in detail. 

    If it works for me I will probably use it every month. I've already been researching what brands to buy, how to apply it, how often to use and everything. I'm excited!

    Week 4 Hair

    As for my hair last week: no pictures this time. I put it in the same protective style as Week 3. 

    I am, however, going to try a new protective style for this week (Week 5). So look for photos next week!

    I plan to two-strand, flat twist the top half of my hair. Then medium twists for the back half and just clip them together in a clip of some sort. I think this will help my hair to be less frizzy. I might incorporate some gel, not sure though. I do need to use the eco styler gel that I bought and I do like it.

    Here's the inspiration video:

    I was anxious Friday and took out my twists.  

    My twist out looked fabulous! 

    I didn't take any pictures though. I was just playing in my hair a bit prepping for this weekend. But next weekend we have plans so I think I'll wear my hair out and take some pics! 

    I love how my hair feels and looks with the products I've been using!


    1. Hey Sam!!
      I haven't visited this week. it was a crazy week. I was in a wedding yesterday and did all the brides and bridesmaids jewelry so I'm too glad its over so I can rest a bit. Anyway, we are on the same vibe this week. I just did a protein treatment and tried a new deep conditioner. I used Aphogee for the protein treatment. I hate the way it smells but it gets the job done and I use the Aphoghee brand balance moisturizer (conditioner) specifically for after the treatment and I really like the way it felt. I did my own deep conditioner yesterday. It was also avacado and banana!!! See what I mean?? we are on the same page. I used a real avacado, honey, some of the babies bananas he hates them (i don't blame him), some grapeseed oil, safflower oil, castor oil, vit. E, aloe vera juice and a tad bit of some of the conditioner I use. I put this all in the blender and let it sit for about an hour on my hair. Then I rinsed and moisturized with Kimmaytubes moisturizer and followed with macadamia nut butter. My hair feel divine today!!

    2. Did you take pics of the jewelry?? I'm sure you did and I can't wait to see it! That's an amazing accomplishment. Yay Sprina! I can't wait to get my new hair stuff and try the Henna. I might just try it before the 3 months are up because my hair needs some protein! I use Infusium 23 leave in with my water spritz but it's not enough. I'm going to have to try your deep conditioner! Sounds great and that macadamia nut butter too! I think I'll have my sister send me some Aphoghee products. I've heard of them but never tried it. Oh, be sure to take a look at the Workout on the Go post for some tips for exercising outside!