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Saturday, August 25, 2012

My First Fall

It really could have been worse so I didn't complain at all. I just got back up after spraying some water on my injuries and continued my run. I fell pretty much at the beginning of my route so I had to run with stinging palms and a sore arm for about 12 miles. However, like I said, I was lucky.

I fell on a pretty flat stretch of ground on the dirt. Where I run (look at New Running Route for pics) there are a lot more dangerous places to fall. It would have been horrible to fall on some sharp rocks or tumble down a steep hill.

Honestly, I feel like these wounds are my coming of age scars or make me officially a part of the trail running club! Falling is simply inevitable on trails because of the unstable nature of the paths. Sometimes you come across steep hills, rocks, branches and other earthy debris. Sometimes even trees fall down in the middle of your route and you have to climb over or under them (yes, that's also happened to me). So it was no big deal.

The left side of my body from my butt/hip down to my knee will definitely be sore tomorrow with a nice bruise. It's already sore! 

The most important thing after a fall is not to develop a complex. The worst thing to happen is that you fear falling so much that you don't run or try to be "too careful" and fall again anyway. I'm just glad that I didn't twist my ankle or stub a toe or something really horrible that would prevent me from running. Now that I've fallen I feel good about it. Now I can move forward!

Have you ever suffered a particularly heinous fall from running, cycling or any other type of exercise?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Running Toy: Hydration Belt

Funny enough, the above photos were actually taken directly after a run where I didn't wear the hydration belt. The hubby went to purchase it while I was on my run but I decided to model it afterwards.

It has two water bottles that fit roughly 8oz (260ml), and a little bit, of liquid. There are also two pockets on each side where you can put keys, your cell, etc. I lucked out because someone clipped on an extra velcro pocket in the middle that usually costs 5€ ($6,17) more. However, the checkout person didn't notice it so I got it for free! Woohooo! It's an addition to the belt that you usually have to purchase separately.

The belt cost 15€ ($18.50) in total, which is significantly cheaper than most hydration belts on the market. Those usually go for between $25-$50 (20,29€-40,57€) just for the belt. Then you have to purchase the bottles separately and then worry about shipping and handling costs...

The hubby picked this one up from the local sports store: Decathlon. I wear it for the first time this Sunday for my 16 mile (25.7 km) long run. I purchased it because I hope it will be easier and more comfortable to carry than my Camelbak.

Only time will tell...

(I also feel like a "professional" runner when I put it on! Yes, it gives me a thrill)

Friday, August 17, 2012

New Running Route

Hellooooo all! It's been almost a month since my last post. Honestly, I just haven't really felt like writing. I'm here in Córdoba trying to hide from 122+ temperatures and training. So nothing really interesting has happened....really.

However, I had an email chat with my sister the other day that really had me looking at my priorities differently. She is currently working with a CrossFit trainer and her boyfriend is upset because he doesn't want her to be "buff".

That got me thinking...there should be NO ONE in your life that holds you back. You only live once, so why not maximize your potential? 

Oh, I've got so much more to talk about concerning that topic but first I want to introduce everyone to my new running route.

This route is an authentic challenge and has great views. I feel like I'm running in the wilderness for real. Sometimes I'm running up steep hills, running down steep hills, climbing rocks, running past caves and mines, and generally trying to not kill myself. I feel like an adventurer of sorts and I love it! Plus my body feels like it's had a genuine workout. I've been running the same route for the longest time that I really needed a change.

I couldn't take pics of the truly amazing parts because I was concentrating on not getting killed, or rather, falling flat on my face.

There's so much more to catch you all up on including my future running plans and what the heck I've been thinking about this summer. But rest assured that I'm back!