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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Daily Fitness Tip: Workout on the Go

This photo and the above two all taken from googleimages

What is the principle hindrance to your workout schedule? Most people tell me it's time, they just don't have enough time. It might be class, work, children, husbands, wives, in laws...there is always something standing in your way. So instead of feeling guilty, do something about it!

These exercises can be done indoors or outside. As always safety is key so make sure you are performing the exercises correctly. In addition, be sure to warm up and stretch before and to cool down and stretch after.


Grab a wall and do some standing pushups. Make sure your feet are shoulder-length apart and you are not on your toes. This is good if you are in an office building for example. If outside or at home, do normal pushups. Do 20 repetitions. You can also do some dips using a chair or a bench (like the photo at the top on the left).

Hand weights are great for doing bicep curls, shoulder presses (standing or sitting), tricep extensions, lateral raises, and front raises. Keep some in the trunk of your car, in a baby carriage, or at your desk at work. Do 12-15 repetitions of each exercise.


Maybe you only have time to walk, that's ok because you can buy some leg weights. These can fit easily in a purse or bag. Put those on when you are out walking. They are so discrete they can be hidden under your pants. While you're at it, do some butt squeezes, lunges, squats and leg raises.(standing or on the ground)

If you find you are unsteady on your feet just use a chair (or bench if you're outside) for some added support. Do 12-15 repetitions of each exercise. For the butt squeezes, squeeze 5-10 seconds, release, then repeat for 1 minute.


Great exercises are the squat press, the back press and the arm reach. These exercises also work the legs, butt, arms and abs and you can do them all on your feet with some hand weights. If you do go out and buy the leg weights you can even hold those in your hands! Instant hand weights! Do 12-15 repetitions of each exercise.


The easiest exercises to do on the go by far. Just squeeze in like you are pulling your bellybutton into your spine. You can do this anywhere and no one will ever know! Squeeze as much as you can and hold for 30 seconds. Rest, then repeat as many times as you want. Do this also while completing some of the exercises above as well.  Other good ab exercises are the plank, the crunch, the pendulum, the bicycle, and the scissors. There are so many exercises out there.

Look at my "health and fitness" links on the top right hand corner. These websites allow you to search for specific exercises for each muscle group.

Overall, be creative because as the saying goes..."you are only limited by your own imagination". Yup, it pertains to exercise too. 

So remember:

  • You should incorporate weights and cardio

  •  Since it's an express session you must keep your heart rate up. This means no rest between exercises and/or to incorporate cardio bursts like high knees, running in place, jump rope, and the shuffle.

  • Do the exercises in slow motion. There is no need to speed through the exercises. Do them correctly and slowly and you will reap even more benefits.

  • Exercises that hit multiple muscle groups are time efficient. You want to do a full body workout in little time. Some good ones are the squat reach, squat press, shoulder press, plank, lunges with hand weights...

  • Don't be shy. Wherever you are, you are doing something awe-inspiring for your body. What about all those people staring at you, you ask? Well, they are simply frozen in awe.

  • If you can, bring music/a friend/a pet/children, anything that will will motivate and not hamper. 

If this helped you leave a comment and let me know how it goes.

I hope you enjoyed your Daily Fitness Tip and will add it to your Recipe for Health.

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