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Monday, October 29, 2012

Marathon #2: Ciudad Real -- Recap in Pictures

We left Córdoba at 4:30am and arrived at 7:00am...no GPS or nothing! We did it old-school! Actually, we got there even before the organizers started setting up so we were able to get the best parking space ever.

It was also nice to use the restrooms before they started getting dirty. Not sure why but my stomach was all bubbly that morning so I had to use the restroom a couple of times!

All in all it was a fantastic day. The race was small but organized really well. I had a blast. I would definitely run this marathon again.

The only bad news is that I didn't make my time. I came in at 3:39. I was devastated. I actually saw Chema at the finish line and almost broke down! Seriously. Oh well, next time I know I'll make my target.

The good thing is that I won 2 awards! 

I came in 7th for total women and 3rd in my category! I was on the podium people! It was amazing! So look below at the photos. I hope you enjoy them!

This is where the race ended.

Here's what part of the track looked like.

My goal!

This is the guy that won first place for men.

He won second place for men.

Almost time now...

These are those that were in front at the start.

This was at 21km (13miles).

This guy (Ramón) stayed with me for 18km (11 miles).

Some food energy after the race!

The guy in first place and his time.

There's the second place guy who was only 10 seconds slower.

She won first place for women.

You can see her time. It was amazing.

She won second place for women.

There I am finishing the race!

After the race...my legs and feet were burning!

Here I am on the podium with the top 10 women. I was 7th.

Here I'm receiving my trophy for coming in 3rd for my category.

I was given some cheese that region is known for as well.

My buddy Ramón!

Me and my awards!

She is so cute! She's from Ethiopia. She won 2nd place.

These are some in-laws. We gave them the cheese I won since Chema and I can't eat it!

Well thats's it! I hope you enjoyed my recap. Right now I feel great but my legs are still super sore. Last night I stretched and went to bed at 10:30pm. I was that tired. I got up at 8:30am because I simply couldn't sleep anymore. I stretched again and had breakfast.

I figure I'll be in pain for a few more days but I should be fine by next week. My next race will be the Córdoba half-marathon on the 25th of November!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Marathon #2: Ciudad Real -- Final Thoughts

Tomorrow is marathon day. 

It's funny because I don't really feel like I'm running a marathon tomorrow. As I type this post I'm in my pijamas and about to eat lunch. There are no nerves and I'm not over-thinking everything. I'm pretty much going with the flow. 

It's not as if there are guidelines as to how one is supposed to feel the day before running a marathon. However, my mindset and my emotions are completely different from my first marathon in Seville. It kind of worries me, though, that I'm not all nervous.

It will take us about 3 hours to drive to Ciudad Real from Córdoba. So we are leaving at 430am and should get there at 730am. At 8am I will get my race bib. This is the first time I've run a race without getting my bib beforehand.

Here's what I plan to wear for the event.

All tried and true race gear. I'm also bringing clothes to wear after the race as well.  As for food I plan to bring:

  • Almond butter sandwiches
  • Dates
  • Clementines
  • Tons of water and sports drinks
  • Bananas
There is usually food provided after the race but I find it's hard to find something I can eat being vegan. It's just easier to bring my own food.

The weather will be sunny and around 37 degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celcius) while I'm waiting for the race to start. It will warm up to around 64 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Celcius) once the race begins at 930am.

This is it. By this time tommorrow I will have just finished my race...if all goes well! (I'm counting on it!) Wish me luck!

I will definitely post my marathon recap as soon as possible so check back on Sunday or Monday for details!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hair of the Day

I had a little bit of free time today so I decided to do a hair-of-the-day kind of post. Nothing special but I just bought two very cute hair accessories that I wanted to show off.

They are hair combs. The other one was in my hair. ;)

My hair is in about 4-5 big chunky twists and the front is in smaller, individual twists for my bang. I just pinned the bang up and pulled the other twists back. Super duper simple. It takes me five minutes in the morning. I just spray my hair with water and smooth it back with my Cantu leave-in. I put on a scarf while I get ready and then put in my hair comb and go.


After my henna process this weekend I didn't feel like twisting my hair up. So the twists that are in are what I put in to go to bed after washing. This will hold me until the weekend. I will just put my hair in a ponytail for the marathon. When I get back I will rinse my hair and then decide whether I want to twist it back up or leave it out.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Next week marathon #2: Ciudad Real

I just realized this morning that my 2nd marathon is next weekend!

Clearly, I have a lot on my mind....

The goal is still to finish in 3:30 and although I'm nervous, I am NOT going to psych myself out! Last week I ran 20 miles (trail running) in 3:03 and I felt great afterwards. So I hope I do myself proud.

Either way I've decided that I need a break from training. My initial goal was to (after my marathon recovery) start training for an ultramarathon. However, my mind needs a rest from restrictions on my running for awhile.

Honestly, I miss running and racing simply for the joy of doing it. Actually, I haven't really run just for the joy of running...ever!

Of course I like running but once I was able to run 8 miles easily I immediately set out to train for a marathon. All of the races I have run (including 5Ks) have been during training.

To date I have run 2 half-marathons, 2 5Ks and after next week, 2 marathons.

What I plan to do is to run when and how long I feel like it. I might or might not record my runs. I also plan to sign up for more races because the thrill of being part of a race is something else! It just motivates you to keep running and improving and that's what I need right now.

I might even run the Córdoba half-marathon in November if I so choose! The possibilities (as they say) are endless!

Before the race on Sunday the 28th I will come back with a quick post on what I'm wearing race day and how I'm feeling. This race is also different because I have to pick up my bib number the day of the race. I can't wait until training is over!

Oh, and quick hair update:

I plan to do a henna gloss treatment tomorrow. For the past 3 months or so I've been doing my henna like clockwork. This week I just wore it in a ponytail because I needed a break from the twists.

Since I wore it all week I didn't want to put too much stress on my edges. To combat that I didn't wrap the ponytail holder around twice. I just made sure it went over my hair and then left it loose.

With the headbands I was also able to avoid using gel. I just spritzed my hair in the morning and added some moisturizer and the headbands. It was super quick and easy.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Summer is over!

I never thought I'd be so thrilled for summer to be over, but I am. While it's not "officially" over, the temperatures have dropped significantly making it so much easier for me to run.

But let's back up here a bit...

Yes, I am still here, alive and preparing for my second marathon (October 28th 2012)

This summer has been hectic for me so I have been completely MIA as you well know.

There were some unfortunate deaths of family members at the school where I work so I had to substitute teachers. It was a lot of work because I was just thrown in the proverbial deep end. Actually, the last two weeks of August I didn't do any running because I simply didn't have the time. I started work at 845am and didn't leave until 9pm!

I'm back on track so far even though yesterday was the first day of classes for the fall semester. I did a 20 mile run on Sunday and today I'll do a 6 mile run (RP or race pace) after work.

This time around I'm finding myself a lot more nervous about the marathon. I have a goal in mind (3:30) but I've had a sporadic training schedule what with work and life and such. So I'm nervous. I can't believe that soon I'll be tapering...

A lot has been going on but my most exciting news is my new running shoes! I got some super cute Asics. I'll take some pics and post them on the blog when I have another breather.

What about hair?

Well, as for hair...it's doing what it does. Last week I put in another henna treatment (Henna gloss). I've been doing well with that. I think I might do another length check at the end of the year just to see what my hair is up to.

Life is good though. I recently moved and me and the hubby are happy and healthy. Oh, our 1-year vegan anniversary comes up this month around the 20th. So I will definitely give my thoughts and show some recipes I've wanted to post for awhile but haven't gotten around to.

So happy October to you all and I hope to make my presence on the blog more regular in the future!