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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Debate/Discussion: shake weight, ab vibrators, toning shoes...do they work?

Watching a recent infomercial about one of those ab vibrator belts the other day got me thinking. We are always looking for the "quick fix" because we are impatient. People don't want to wait three months to get in shape based on eating healthy and exercise. The most popular commercials these days are on the:
Shake Weight

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Toning Shoes 

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Ab Vibrators

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So I wonder, do they work?

Maybe I'm a "snob" or "traditionalist" when it comes to exercise and healthy living because every time these commercials come on I roll my eyes. I don't believe for a second that these devices will get people into shape for the long term. Sure, someone who never gets off their bottom will show results out of default. Just like if they went to a gym and decided to lift weights, do some ab exercises or run on the treadmill. 

What happens after your body becomes accustomed to a certain exercise? Well, you have to change it to continue seeing results. Especially considering the Shake Weight is only 2 1/2 lbs (5lbs for men) I would think that after a month or so you would stop noticing a difference.

Yet, there are so many people who believe the claims. Some of my family have Shake Weights or have used toning shoes or want to use these things! I did a bit of searching online and it seems it depends on who you talk to whether these products work or not. The general consensus seems to be that at first you will probably notice a difference but that will subside after awhile.

Like I said, I've never personally used these things but the people who do stand by them. As with anything you have to be careful to avoid injury but I'm not sure the message is a good one. I can't see how sitting on the couch shaking a weight is going to get anyone into shape. Or sitting on the couch with a ab vibrator belt either for that matter. Walking is good whether wearing toning shoes or not. It seems that the amount of calories burned doesn't differ anyway if you wear the shoes or don't wear them.

Here are some sites at a glance that give some interesting information on these products:

Shake Weight

Toning Shoes

Vibrating Belts

Has anyone tried these products? Do you know anyone who has tried these products? What do you think of products like these in general? Share your thoughts.

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