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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fitness Tip: Workout basics

You have your workout program started or are in the process. Here are some further tips to give you inspiration, a kick in the butt, and/or guidance.

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Cardio should be done everyday. 
  • If you only have time to workout 3 days a week, then do your cardio each day. 
  • Weights you can do 2 out of those 3 days 
  • It's important to do at least 30 minutes of cardio everyday. 
So for those without a lot of time try:
  • interval training
  • bike to work
  • walk up stairs
  • stand more often
  • talk a walk after lunch or dinner
  • do some chores around the house

Splitting up exercises throughout the day is just as good as one long session.
  • Interval training!
  • Do 10 minute sessions of high knees, tennis shuffle, jumping jacks, push ups, squats, lunges, chair dips...throughout the day. These are all equipment free exercises so you can do them anywhere!

Abs are important. Doing loads of crunches and sit ups are not.
  • Have a fitness ball? Good, than possibilities are endless.
  • Try balancing exercises
  • Work the obliques (the lateral part of the abs)
  • Pull that navel in!

Motivation is key
  •  Find what moves you
  • Look for ideas for exercises on this page at the top right under "Health and Fitness"
  • Stay tuned for more tips on how to stay motivated 
Like I said previously, you don't need a ton of equipment to get started. If you work out at a gym you don't even have to use a lot of machines. Grab some free weights and a fitness ball. The same for those that workout at home.

    Try this 10-minute routine for the arms.

    If this helped you leave a comment and let me know how it goes!

    I hope you enjoyed your Fitness Tip and will add it to your Recipe for Health

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