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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Running Gear Part 1

So technology is incredibly complicated. I have new respect for all the youtubers and vloggers out there who have to edit videos all the time. Not fun. Next time I will make sure to make a shorter video! But I wanted to post it since it took Chema (my husband) and I ages to figure out what to do. (I also didn't feel like retaping it). 

This Part 1 details the tops and sports bras that I wear. I will post Part 2 later today, which will cover bottoms, accessories, and my sneakers. I actually didn't end up running last night like I planned. I know, lazy right? I wanted to get this video posted, and then I had to do my hair...so I ran this morning bright and early. It was nice. 

I only ran 30 minutes but I picked up my normal pace to compensate for cutting down the time. I also did some abs. I will post those exercises either today or sometime this week in case you want to try them too! I'll do weights tomorrow and intervals on the static bike and run another 30 minutes on Friday. Sunday I plan to do a "long run" of 1 hour, 40 minutes. So more updates to come! (Oh, and don't make fun of the video...it's my first one!)


  1. How is the new gear you purchased here working out for you?

  2. It's great! I wish I had bought ten more shirts! The shirts I got are perfect to run in and perfect for the summer. Built in sports bras are the greatest invention. I wish I had gotten some shorts too.

  3. I told you to get some! Is that a birthday request?

  4. LOL. I know. But I already got my new running sneakers from mom for my bday! But still...