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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Running Gear Part 2


Just came back from yoga actually. It's great because it helps me relax, stretch and do abs! It is a beginner class but that's my level and I don't want anything else right now that is too demanding. 

I'm also considering whether to run again tomorrow, instead of Friday, and do my long run on Saturday. I just signed up for a race today! Ok, it's really nothing special, only 2 km or 1.24 miles, which I can run in like 7 minutes. But the shirt was cute and it was only 5€ ($7) and I can use it when I do my exercises! Yay for cheap gear! It's early on Sunday morning and I'd rather not run again in the evening (especially if I try to win). We'll see. I probably won't take pictures only because it will be finished before the pic is even taken! Maybe I'll take one with my number and the shirt.

Tonight I plan to start my daily FIT TIPS. This should be fun and informative for everyone. I will post a new tip everyday related to either exercising, eating right, and general all around health. Also, be sure to take a look at the websites posted at the top right hand corner on the blog. These are websites that I frequent because they have useful exercises and/or interesting health facts.


  1. I like your videos! Are they really that tough to make? Your scaring me, I'm suppose to be making some style guides but I haven't started yet.
    Anyway I was hoping in one of your postings you could talk about sports bra suggestions for people with REALLY big chests, I'm still breastfeeding so I'm rather large up top and pretty sensitive to alot of moving and jumping if I don't have the right support.

  2. Hey I have another question,
    so with the baby I don't have a lot of time to set aside for the gym if no one is available to watch him I try to take him with me on a walk each day. Are there exercises I can do along a walk with my stroller?? When I can get away I know what to do at the gym but when the baby is with me I don't have a clue of what to do, nor do I have the money for expensive running strollers and other luxury exercise items or boot camps.

  3. The videos really aren't that tough to make if you have the right equipment and know what to expect. I had no idea what the size limit was for videos and so we had to figure out a way to cut it down. I was edited some (only a little) and then split into two. It just takes practice so don't fret!

    As for your other questions...thank you! Great ideas that I am actually going to make posts. Look for the answer to the sports bra one today and the walking exercises tomorrow.

  4. Side note: I forgot to post when you should replace your running shoes (a more in detail post to come soon). It's either every six months or every 300-500 miles, whichever comes first.