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Sunday, June 5, 2011

MY FIRST 5K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CAVEAT: When I'm running (any exercise really) I am not glamorous. I had to put that out there because when reviewing the pics,  I was cringing at the faces I made. So, yea, just enjoy the experience and don't critique the pics too much. Greatly appreciated in advance!

fyi: I know I said I'd detail my hair regimen today but this 5K was completely last minute. So look for that post tomorrow. I did do my hair today though.

Carrera Popular: GoFit!

As I said above, this 5K was completely non-planned, unprepared, and last minute--but it was a great time! At yoga last week (Wednesday, June 2nd), my instructor entered class wearing a cute, t-shirt advertising  a "Carrera Popular". It was sponsored by a newly built gym in Córdoba that's not even 1-year old: GoFit!. I wanted one of those shirts! 

So of course I ask her some general information about where I can sign-up and the route. Initially she tells me it's only 2K. Never heard of a race that short, but she assures me that the reason is because it's a family race. There aren't even any prizes. So, I can get a cute t-shirt that can double for exercising and it's only 5€ ($7) and the race is a length I can do in my sleep? I see no negatives there and sign-up right after class.

I get to the race this morning and realize I don't even know the route. Ok, not crucial. I can just follow everyone else. I also don't know my category. I'm not a junior...I guess, so maybe with veterans and seniors? Ok. Then my husband tells me it's not 2K, it's actually 5K! That does make more sense. People there were really serious and intense. They were warming up and stretching with their professional gear on. I, on the other hand, had gone to bed at 2am and woke up at 8am (tired mind you). I didn't even hydrate before or eat breakfast. I warmed up for 3 minutes and then did a few stretches. Not what I would do normally and definitely not for a serious race. I figured, though, I'd be back in like 10 minutes. I'm already in the queue to run, and we are about to start in 2 minutes, so I don't stress. Five kilometers is about 3.12 miles and if I can run a half marathon (12 miles) I can run that.

So I run it and it was a blast! People on the sidelines were supporting me, yelling "venga, vámonos!," and smiling. I saw my yoga instructor, who was all excited to see that I actually came. When I finish, and am collecting my goody bag (a sports magazine, an energy gel, and a sweatband for the wrist), a fellow male runner comes up and congratulates me on a great race! Apparently, he had been in front of me the whole time. But in the last stretch I always pick up the pace, my final sprint to the finish. So I must have passed him. Obviously, he was impressed. No one has ever come up to me so, yes, I was eating it up!

Final Thoughts 
Next time I will make sure to get a starting position at the front. I kept my pace for the entire race so I was able to pass a lot of people who either stopped or slowed down out of tiredness. But if I had started in the front I would have gotten a better time. I don't regret it. This is all practice and the most important thing is the experience. Once I start really focusing on races I can worry about time and strategy and the like. 

Overall, I am more than content with my time: 21 minutes and 19 seconds. My rank: 11 in female runners overall and 5 in my category. I ran about 4 minutes and 15 seconds per kilometer. I could have pushed myself even harder so now I know what to do for the next race.

Additional caveat: This is NOT how I would normally prepare myself for a race. So don't take any tips from this experience to heart. I will do a real race preparation post soon.


My number. My face was greasy from the sunscreen. I have to get one of those water-proof, non-greasy, sticks...if they exist.

Hanging around before the race started.

There I am!

The start line

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  • My hair regimen tomorrow 
This Week: 
  • Important information for beginner runners
  • How to choose a good running route--and my route with videos and pics
  • What to do when animals bother you when exercising outside
  • Plus much, much more...so keep coming back!


  1. Just to let people know that when you heard the race was 5k instead of 2k, you were already behind the start line! That is crazy, but it ended up being real fun. Congrats!

  2. Yes it was fun. Just think of the time I could've run if I'd been prepared!