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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week 3 Hair

Beginning Week 3
End Week 3

The pics above are actually of Week 3 hair, as you can see. But I wanted to show the hairstyle I wore for the week and what it looked like afterwards. 

I think I've found my weekly hairstyle! 

I moisturized nightly and daily (as needed). I assure you that this style stayed incredibly moisturized for the entire week. I have never seen or felt my hair this moisturized, five days after a wash, ever!  It is challenging in the dry climate I live in. There are really only two seasons: summer and winter. The winter is very mild while the summer is scorching. So this summer I have to be extra vigilant about keeping my hair moistruized.  

For those in humid climates, who want to combat frizz, make sure to deep condition properly. This means using a deep conditioner that both moisturizes and has protein in it. Sit under a hooded dryer for 20-30 minutes to help it penetrate. You don't want to sweat, so put it on a medium setting. 

I don't have a hooded dryer but it is most definitely on my list of things to buy in the future. Instead, I just put on a plastic cap and wrap a towel around my head. I turn off the air conditioning and just sit in the hot house making sure I don't sweat! 

As for my hair in-between washes, the idea is to keep it in a protective style, the same one all week, and moisturize everyday. 

Here's what I used to twist my hair:
  • My leave in conditioner
  • Qhemet Biologics moisturizer
  • Shea butter cream

    I put in the twists the day after I washed my hair so that they would be dry. The kimmaytube leave in kept my hair moisturized (even after exercising). So the next day I didn't have dry, crunchy, hair. I spritzed with water a bit then just added the above products.


    I made sure to apply extra moisturizer and shea butter to my ends. Every night I would apply moisturizer and shea butter to my ends. In the morning I would apply moisturizer all over my head and some more on my ends, then style. 

    This helped keep my hair moisturized because the shea butter is so dense that it didn't allow my hair to dry out. Each strand was coated generously, especially the ends. I can't tell you all how impressed I am with my hair right now! 

     Other thoughts

    I still haven't perfected how to take out the twists though. On a few of them I had knots on the ends and had to use my scissors to cut them off. So I'm working on being more careful. I hope it doesn't affect my goals for length retention. I guess we'll see at the end of August.  

    This mix is also great for a twist out. Usually my hair is dull and frizzy when I take twists out. Now they are moisturized, have body, hang and there is NO FRIZZ! Like I said, I'm impressed with my hair. (The twists were frizzy at the end of the week I must admit. I need that hooded dryer!)

    Regimen Week 4:
    • Caramel Treatment/detangling
    • Shampoo wash
    • Deep conditioning 
    • Kimmaytube leave in conditioner
    • Style in flat twists to dry
    • Style in protective style the next day 

      I'm actually washing my hair before I go running today. The weather is scorching and I have to wait until the sun sets to venture out. So I don't want to spend all night washing. I will attempt to put my hair in two big flat twists to go running (my first time doing the flat twists!). Then tomorrow evening I will put in my chunky twists detailed above.

      Be sure to check out posts this week for beginner runners!

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