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Friday, June 3, 2011

Updates: short run, hair, and posts coming soon!

Short Run
I ran 30 minutes last night after classes. It was nice and refreshing and a prep for my weight training  this morning. Usually, I also do some form of abs after running. Here's a list of the ab exercises I'm doing this week:

a. Reach up
b. The C-curl
c.Windshield wipers
d. Prone plank

Six weeks ago I found this interesting 6-week ab program on one of my favorite websites. Since abs, in my opinion, are incredibly boring, I try to switch it up as often as I can. Normal crunches and things are never included in my regimen because they are boring. In addition, they don't work all parts of the abdomen, which makes the exercises effective. Perhaps on a later post I'll list weeks 1-4 so that you can try them if you want to.

This morning I worked on my legs and my arms. If you are interested in the exercises that I do, leave a comment and I'll include them in another post.

So a quick post to update you on my running during the week. Again, I will do my long run tomorrow (1 hour and 40 minutes). I might even record some video of it...


My running hair was very simple: I put it in a ponytail with the headband you saw in the Summer Running Gear Part 2 video. Check it out if you haven't already. I left it in the bun while I slept and didn't apply any more product. During the day it was also in a bun, slicked back with my Shea Moisture, curl-enhancing smoothie, instead of gel.
The picture above is of my hair today. Just wanted to try something new so I stuck those shells in with hair pins. The shells I ripped off a belt that I never wear. At least I can get some use out of it. Didn't need to apply any more product to the sides, just spritz with water. I did add more to the ends of my hair.

Coming Soon
I will do a post later on, if I receive interest via comments, on my exercise regimen on the days I don't run.  So leave comments on this post if you're interested in that.

This weekend will include a full report on the products I use on my hair and my hair regimen! It will probably be a two-part "series" so don't miss that!

Also, be sure to look out for your Daily Fitness Tip coming to you later today!

Thanks for stopping by.

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