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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December Goals


I feel like I just made my November goals. Seriously, this year is winding down fast! I don't have any regrets for the month of November though. I did as much as I could. 

Yet, I still haven't gotten to my foot exercises. At work I read an interesting blog post about another runner who has to have a boot on her foot! This scared me a bit because her foot pain started out a lot like mine. 

You remember right? 

My foot hasn't been hurting at all. But reading that article was a wake up call. I can't afford any injuries right now. I'm working my body hard so I need to baby it a bit more.

I'm trying

Other than that I stayed on track. Tonight I have a group weight training class that I've been wanting to try since I got this gym membership. 

Well, on track training wise. As you know I've been super lazy where my hair is concerned.

Anyway, here's a few things I'm thinking about for December:

  1. READ THE BLOGS I'M SUBSCRIBED TO. Honestly, it's been over a month since I could really sit down and see what everyone has been up to. I'm so focused on work, training, family life etc. like everyone else, that some things are placed on the back burner. This is one of those things. So I'm going to make an effort to start re-connecting with all you lovely people.
  2. Find some different running routes. I did 16 miles on Sunday and it hit me: my running route is getting super boring. I did Fartlek this week just to break it up. But I won't be able to on Thursday so it's boring running route again. Chema has scoped out some interesting places while riding his bike. So I'm thinking I might check it out on Saturday in preparation for my long run Sunday. I only have 6 miles to run anyway. So it's a good time to check it out. I want to be prepared for my 18 miles December 11th. Only 2 weeks away.
  3. Get my license. I need independence people! I've been driving around a lot lately and I feel completely ready for that part of the test. Now I just need to start studying the DMV book. Everyone keeps telling me it's "common sense." Yes it is to an extent. But they ask a lot of technical stuff too. I took the practice exam online and, yea, if it was the real one I'd still be without my license. My goal is before Christmas, and definitely before the New Year. Wish me luck!
  4. Get back on track with weight training. This week I've been catching up. However, it's been about 2-3 weeks since I've dedicated a whole workout session to weights. The proof is how sore my body feels right now after just 1 day.
  5. Connect with my Spain (and US) friends and family. I suck at staying in touch. This month, especially with the Christmas holiday, I want to re-connect with people. Maybe I'll be ambitious and send out Christmas cards! Maybe, I said.

That's about it. I'm trying to think of something else that I want to focus on but there's nothing really. Of course I want to try and incorporate my foot exercises and Fartlek a lot more, in general.

I set these mini goals just to keep myself motivated. Honestly, I'm doing well. I didn't slack even a bit last week and even ran Thanksgiving morning. So I'm proud of myself. Hopefully next month will be another productive month.

What are your goals for December?


  1. Getting your license... how exciting! Great December goals too. Good luck with them!

    My biggest goal for december is to keep my nutrition on track. I've been doing pretty well but I let myself fall back into bad eating habits every few weeks and I don't want to do that anymore!


  2. I think those a great goals!! Don't want anything TOO crazy since your marathon is quickly approaching!!!!! Plus, being the end of the year and holidays and whatnot, a good time to relax a bit :)

  3. Hey sis! I think I want to try and create a more accurate budget for Derek and I (one that we'll actually follow), finish projects that I've started, and try something new! Like boxing!!

  4. Oh, and about the license, RELAX! Nerves will be the end of you!

  5. @Stephanie: Yes. I'm SO READY to get my license. I want it now! As for eating...we all have lapses, holidays don't help either! Good luck.

    @Brooke: I know, I need to slow down. I always feel like I should be doing more. I have a 5K to run on the 10th and then that's it. How are you doing?

    @Ash: Good goals! Especially the money one for the New Year. It's funny, I feel more relaxed about driving and more nervous about the written test!