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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Weekly Check in

There's only 5 MORE DAYS until the half-marathon! I still feel like I have a million and one things to do.

  1. This is not usually recommended, but I need to buy some winter running pants. I'll probably go on Wednesday and test them out on the treadmill at the gym. Usually, you should only wear things that you have tried and tested on race day...but, well, I guess I'm breaking the rules! I definitely won't do anything of the sort for the real marathon!
  2. Along with that I need to get some gloves for running so my fingers don't fall off like on Sunday. Brooke at Freebird Runner suggested the perfect place to get some: Walgreens!
  3. Pick up my race packet on Friday.
OK, maybe 3 things isn't exactly a lot.

Anyway, transitioning, not that smoothly, to the breakdown for the week:


Rest day since it was Halloween and I wanted to give candy to the trick-or-treaters! This was my first one where it rained. It was horrible. We got like 5 groups of trick-or-treaters and that was it. I had to give out handfuls of candy to get rid of it (we still have some leftover) and even returned two bags today.

I wasn't even tempted to eat any. Mainly because none of it is vegan.

I was a little annoyed because there were a lot of big kids out this year. Some didn't even bother to wear a costume, a mask or even say trick-or-treat! I almost slammed the door on some of them. I even gave some of them the 3rd degree. But I had to get rid of the candy anyway. Next year, only the little kiddies get candy!

My niece was a "Spider Countess".

She thought she was a Diva with that lipstick!

Helping to give out the candy!

Here are some of the other Halloween munchkins......and not so munchkins.

 This entire group almost didn't get any candy. They are too old to trick-or-treat and didn't even have costumes! The kid in the back didn't even have a plastic bag, pillow case or backpack for his candy! He just held his hand out! If I see their faces next year...

This kid was cute and came by him (or her) self. Not sure what the kid is but he (or she) was super grateful!

Also too big kids. They were so lucky I needed to get rid of candy!

 As you can see by the earlier pictures the clown was the best costume by far at my door. I told him so!


Sha'bam with my mom at the gym.


I hope to get in weights at the gym and a short run on the treadmill to try out my new winter running pants.


Some class at the gym. I need to look at the schedule. However, I think I might try a new one as part of my November goals.


Another new gym class would be nice. I also have to pick up my race packet. Me and the hubby also have plans to go out! So we'll see how that develops.


Rest day and last preparations before the half-marathon. I need to make sure I get a good night's sleep.


Race day! No worries, a nice recap will follow.

I hope everyone's November is starting out positive and stress-free!


  1. My brother is in 8th grade and he didn't dress up either for Halloween (it was canceled in our town because of the snow storm but either way he didnt have plans of dressing up). I explained to him though that as you get older, Halloween becomes more important...and expensive

  2. Do you think so? I feel like it gets less important as you get older...then more so as you have kids...then less as they get older...

  3. Aww your niece is so cute!!

    I can't believe your 1/2 is like 2 days away now!!! EEK! So exciting! Can't wait to hear how it goes.......so glad your foot has held out!

    For my marathon, I had my new pair of shorts and a new top, but did not wear them until the actual race.. I figured since I've worn the same STYLE before (just had different colors) I would be ok.. and I was! With pants, I would just make sure to maybe body glide where the waist band sits to prevent any chaffing.. that would be the only concern I could think of! I am also in the market for a pair of winter pants.. tried some on at lunch today! And new shoes.. and winter tops... oh the list goes on and on and on........................

  4. Thank you! She is quite adorable. :) I feel better now that you told me you wore a completely different outfit and had no problems. Sometimes us runners complicate (and worry about) the simplest things. Anywho, yea, I need (and want) so many things! I even bought some summer running shorts today at the race expo.Just because they were cute!