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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Foot Update and tomfoolery at the gym

This foot injury is WEIRD! 

I went for a walk with my brother every day this week, except today because I went to the gym with my mom.

 Aren't we cute?

Body combat rules! We might hit zumba tomorrow but I'm not sure I'm up for embarrassing myself quite yet.

Okay, yesterday we went on our walk and I used some old running shoes.

Oh, random moment, here's a nice car we saw:

Oh, and some people have already put up Halloween decorations! Crazy.

You can't see it that well, but yes, it's a pumpkin. We even saw scarecrows but didn't take pics. I don't know what we were thinking.

Anyway, the sneakers aren't technically old. Since you're supposed to swap out shoes, I swapped out those. I really like them so I didn't want to wear them out.Well, I wore them to go walking because they matched my outfit.

So we walked for about 70 minutes and then I went for a run. I only did 20 minutes because I didn't want to put uneccessary strain on my foot. Especially since I knew I'd be going to the gym today.

My foot felt great! Completely fine. I woke up this morning with no-pain-whatsoever! Strange, right?

In body combat today, I felt no pain. My mom and I registered for a 7-day free tryout pass. The monthly plan is pretty decent. It's only $44 a month and since we live at the same address the second person is $30.

Completely high tech: all of the treadmills have touch screens, each elliptical it's own TV... However, there's a gym even closer for only $10 a month, no committment. I will definitely check that place out before I make any decisions.

Tomorrow I plan to run at the gym and I hope to feel no pain. Right now my foot feels great. I don't know what to make of it.

Brooke @ FreeBird Runner had such a great suggestion: do some foot strengthening exercises!

(By the way, you should check out her blog if you haven't. She is super nice and positive and runs in the most beautiful places! If I had a blogroll she'd be on it without a doubt.)

Google is amazing. Once I put together my routine I'll share it with you all but I'm excited about it! Hopefully it will help me avoid this phantom "injury" in the future.

Stay tuned for tomorrow because my mom might just make me do zumba with her...


  1. You should try Zumba!! I used to be scared of going too and embarrassing myself too but no one pays attention to you at all. And instructors usually do the same routine and switch out one song each week so the more you go the easier it gets. At least give it two tries (I say two cause I hated it the first time, loved it the second)

  2. Everyone tells me to try it! I probably will because my mom wants to but she will never go by herself! lol. Although there is a cycling class I'd like to try...

  3. Aww, you are too kind!!

    I cannot wait to see your foot routine!! Glad to hear that so far (knocks on wood) your foot hasn't had any further issues!!

    You and your Mom Look so cute, by the way :)

    That gym sure sounds fancy!! I've found that I prefer a smaller gym, with less tech equipment.. I get a better workout then I do at a larger gym with the fancy stuff.. although, I've never seen a gym THAT high quality (not a bad price, either)!!

    Just like that car.. high quality.. hahaa :)