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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Marathon Training: Updates

So this is a 2-week update. I've officially been in the US for 2 weeks.

Week One:

I only ran twice a week this week. It was a hectic week with getting settled and finding running routes. That Wednesday, September 7th I REALLY felt the week or so I wasn't running.

I only ran 30 minutes to get back into it but it was a hard 30 minutes. I skipped Thursday and then ran 45 minutes on Friday.

Sunday, September 4th was my first long run in a couple of weeks. I ran 8 miles and felt great! It was a really nice run.

Last week I ran 4 days. I typically only like to run 3 days a week. But since I have no static bike I decided to substitute that for running. Of course I will see how my body feels week to week.

Week ending: 9/11/11

Monday: 1-hour walk with younger brother plus arm and ab exercises

Wednesday: 30-minute run plus arm and ab exercises

Thursday: 45-minute run

Friday: 45-minute run plus arm and ab exercises

Sunday: 9-mile run

It was nice to get back on schedule and do all my runs. However, Sunday I ran weird on my foot or something and after my long run it was aching.

I didn't go on my walk yesterday or do my weights because it still hurt. Right now it feels better, but still hurts. It's not swollen, red, bruised or anything. It's like a phantom pain.


My body just doesn't understand that I have these 5Ks, half marathons and marathons to RUN! 

Anyway, I'm not going to run in the morning tomorrow like usual. I'm hoping that my foot feels better by the end of the day and I can run then. The good thing is that the weather has cooled down considerably so an afternoon/evening run is doable.

Worst case scenario: I have to take off this week and hopefully feel better by Sunday for my long run.  

If I don't then I will cut off my foot!

Where my mom lives there is a gym. So I'm thinking about supplementing my running with the treadmill.

Perhaps where I live is too hilly or something. I'm also used to training on trails and dirt roads so I know my legs have to get accustomed to running on asphalt. It will come. I just want this phantom pain to go away! I HAVE PLANS!

I need one of these:



  1. eek!! Sorry to hear you are dealing with foot pain! Are your running shoes perhaps due to for replacement?? It could be as you mentioned, the change in running conditions. I know during my race, when the course switched from trail to concrete.. my body could INSTANTLY feel the difference.....I am sure you'll be back at it pain free in no time!! Just don't cut off your foot :) haha

    Glad you are adjusting back to training after your move!!

  2. Thanks. I know, I feel like injuries follow me. Grrr! My shoes probably do need to be replaced. I got them back in May but didn't start training until July. So I can only add up mileage since then. But yea, the running conditions are no joke! I'll get stronger but it's just this awkward stage right now. I'm not pushing myself though. I'd rather take a week off than have an injury that puts me out of battle for months!