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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Race Day Vitals

So these are my race day vitals. Let's take you through them:

  1. My new running pants. This is the only item I haven't tried out. But I'm not too nervous because I've run in leggings before and had no problem.
  2. The long-sleeve shirt I'm wearing is made out of moisture wicking fabric. It's also supposed to regulate the body's temperature. I wore this for my last marathon and it worked fine.
  3. Two things I always, always, bring on a run are my Nike running hat and my wristband. I hate running with the sun in my eyes. Plus I think that running in sunglasses would be too awkward. It's so convenient to run with my wristband because it fits my keys and my lip balm. I can't run without my lip balm. I mean, I can, but I'd be miserable. So that will be coming with me on race day.
  4. That sports bra I bought at Target. Although it says it's from Champion (along with the running pants). MY FAVORITE SPORTS BRA EVER! It goes on smooth and feels like I'm wearing my own skin. I have to get a couple more.
  5. Those socks are just some cheap ones I bought. I have about 3 pairs. They are nothing special but I like them and they are comfortable.
  6. The sweatband is also a necessity. I like to wipe my face and mouth while running and it's easier than pulling on my shirt.
  7. My watch is a normal watch. It doesn't have GPS technology, no pacing stuff, nada. It just tells me the time and how long I've been running. Honestly, that's all I need at this point.
  8. Since it will be cold I have the gloves this time. I won't make the same mistake twice!
  9. The Cliff Bar is breakfast along with an apple. I found this flavor at a bike store and I had to have it. It's pumpkin! How yummy does that sound? Plus, I don't like to eat much before a run. I read something interesting the other day on how to measure the calories you should eat before a race. Apparently, you multiply your weight by how many hours you wake up before the race. So I will get up 3 hours before and I weigh 120 lbs. (3 X 120 = 360 calories).
  10. Finally my contacts. So much more comfortable than wearing glasses.
On the way to the race I plan to wear my race shirt and a vest to keep warm. I'm also bringing a sweater and my running jacket for after the race. Just to wear during the activities after the race.

All of my warm up and stretches I plan to do there. I might run around the block  and do some preliminary stretches depending on how I am for time.

Other than that I'm ready! The only annoying thing is that all the non-runners in my household, which is everyone else, keep telling me to run for the win! In their minds it will be "easy" for me to win a prize. Oh, non-runners and their crazy notions! I mean, I plan to try my best and that's it. I'm nervous, excited and hopeful.

Wish me lots of luck! I'm running in 11 (+1) hours!!!


  1. I hope everything was great today. Can't wait until you next blog to read about it all. ;-)

  2. I hope everything was as good as you expected. I'm also waiting your next blog, Sam!

  3. Thank you both! I had a great time! Today was busy but I can't leave you hanging! So stay tuned.