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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Race Pack Goodies

The race expo wasn't as exciting as I'd hoped. I guess I was expecting more free stuff...yes, I definitely expected cooler free stuff. But just in case you're curious here's a peek:

 This is where I picked up my bib number. It was the first day of the expo so there weren't a lot of people. Thankfully!

There I am with my goodie bag. The best gift (besides the race shirt) I was given.

 Here's the free stuff: a granola bar, chapstick, a mini tube of lotion, and toothpaste. I'm still confused about the toothpaste.

 There I am sporting the race shirt! I like it a lot actually. The material is pretty good quality and the fit is excellent. I probably won't wear it on race day though.

A close up of the bag. It's nothing special but I think I'll start using it when I go to the gym.

No, these super cool running shorts were not included in the race pack! I bought these for $11 at the expo! I've been wanting some spandex shorts to run in for awhile. These can also double as undies. They are so comfortable!

 I should've bought two pairs!

One of the vendors at the expo. I'm excited because it's a completely organic supermarket! So Chema and I have another option when looking for our vegan fare.

My bib number! It was shocking because these numbers are my dad (28) and older sister's (27) birthdays! Their birthdays are in February, which is when I run the marathon. It's shocking because I initially got motivated to run the marathon for my dad. He passed away suddenly a couple of years ago and was a real exercise nut. My sister has nothing to do with my running...at all...but I still think it's a cool connection.

The first half marathon I ran was not high-tech in the least so this "new" technology impressed me. Instead of the chip on the shoe it's placed on the back of the bib number.

The stuff in the front is the non-exciting free stuff I mentioned earlier. The stuff in the back I purchased as part of my November goals. I want to try some alternative ways to hydrate and energize myself while running. Instead of drinking tons of water or eating solid foods as they wreak havoc on my stomach. I purchased this stuff for a total of $3! Anywhere else it is so expensive. As in more than $3 for just one pack.

Does anyone know where I can by this stuff at reasonable prices?

That's it. That's my race pack.

Mentally, I'm ready for the half marathon. I want to do some stretching tonight and tomorrow to loosen up my muscles a bit. This week was super busy with work that I only had time to go to the gym Wednesday and Thursday.

Something crazy that happened: Last night in body combat my mom injured herself! We were doing back kicks and she suddenly stopped and limped out of class. She couldn't finish it. She was in so much pain she had to go to the emergency room this morning. She now has one of those leg braces that doesn't allow you to move at all and crutches. They think she tore a muscle. She won't know more until Tuesday when she has an appointment with the orthopedic doctor. It sucks. So we didn't go to the gym today and next week I'll be going solo. The only positive thing is that I can try new classes, also part of my November goals. I just hope my mom gets better soon!

Back to my mental state...

I'm only nervous about 2 things:

  1. Daylight Savings -- Of course we have to push back the clocks an hour the day I have to run the half marathon! It's at 2am so I hope I don't forget. Either way, it's better to be early than late.
  2. Traffic -- The NC State campus area is always busy anyway so I hope it's not too bad on race day. I plan to leave the house at 530am and the race doesn't start until 7am. Plus, it only takes about 20 minutes to get there. I should be OK.

So that's it. I will check in again tomorrow to post any other final thoughts. As well as to show you what I plan on wearing on race day. Wish me luck!

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