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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just A Quicky

I know, I was supposed to post Wednesday to let you all know how the foot (and Zumba) went. Yesterday, I was supposed to post a recipe and today I was supposed to post a completely different post. 
Hey, life happens is all I can say.

 My foot still feels great!

I ran at the gym yesterday. My mom wanted to do Zumba (as you all know) but the class at 730pm was too late for her. I would've done cycling (or spinning) instead, but we got there too late. 

You have to sign up 30 minutes before because it fills up fast. But I had a meeting in another city and my mom takes forever to get ready...so it didn't happen.

Instead, I ran for 25 minutes and the bike for 5 minutes and my mom did the bike. It was nice and low key because, believe it or not, I was still sore from body combat! That class is no joke! My mom definitely wants to take the class again next week.

She ended up getting a membership. I got 8 extra free days! So it worked out for us both. I have until the 12th of October

I'm happy with that. That'll give me enough time to try out more classes and be moral support for my mom as she starts her membership.

Actually, she has her first personal training session on Monday! Go her!

Anyway, I'm contemplating whether to run tomorrow or have a rest day. We went to the gym today and I helped my mom on the machines. She wanted to work her arms and legs. I did a bit but it wasn't really a workout for me. We shall see.

Other than that I will try to do the recipe this weekend if I can. No promises though.

Have a good weekend!


  1. YEAH! So exciting joining a new gym!! It's gotta be great to have your Mom close by. I wish I could workout with my Mom, we have so much in common when it comes to health and fitness! Can't ask for better moral support!

    YAY for your foot still feeling GREAT! That is awesome news!!

  2. My mom is excited. I'm not ready to join the gym but she wants me to as motivation. We'll see...

  3. Hi Sam! I really enjoyed your post at Love Life Project. Good luck with your 2 journeys!

  4. Thanks Fran! And thanks so much for stopping by!