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Monday, October 24, 2011

Celebrating 3 years

Yes, Chema and I celebrated 3 years this Sunday, October 23rd! However, we went on a mini getaway to Grover, NC (right on the border with South Carolina) from Thursday to Friday of last week.

It was GREAT! It was so nice to get away. We ended up taking more than 300 pictures!

We stayed at a bed and breakfast. Our first experience with one but it was a nice transition because we had a suite with our own bathroom.

As the name suggests it is a historic place. It has tons of history from the Revolutionary War era and each room is decorated with a theme from that time. 

Our room was The Colonel Cleveland Room. Colonel Cleveland was a real person. The county where the bed and breakfasted is located is named after him. 

Another interesting detail is that the owner of the bed and breakfast was a former White House Chef. 

But talking about the place just doesn't do it justice! So I hope you enjoy the pics!

This was our bathroom. Full of yummy smelling lotions, soaps and perfumes for us to use! Behind the mirror were brand-new boxers, just in case you forgot to bring some.

 Our king-sized bed!

 The detail in the decoration around the fireplace was amazing. It was like this all around the bed and breakfast.

 Here you can see some old-fashinoned hat boxes, our lovely smelling towels, and dozens of other odds and ends.

 This treat was waiting for us on arrival. Homemade baklava, stawberries and chocolate.

 Here's a close-up. It was a shame there wasn't more of it!

I'm not a fan of dolls. But here they are.

 These are authentic irons by our fireplace.

These bookends are adorable.

The chef in the picture is the owner of the bed and breakfast. Yes, that's Bill and Hilary Clinton!
 Oh, and the Queen of England in the center.

Tons of maps from that time. The great thing about this place was that you could touch EVERYTHING! There were no limits. It was like being in a museum but you could play with the displays!

 Some close-up shots with former presidents.

Here I am pretending to freshen up at the vanity mirror in our room.

 It even had an old-fashioned perfume bottle.

The following pics are some shots from outside. Again, the details are astounding and by no means are these pictures exhaustive. Remember, we took more than 300 pictures!

 I wanted to sit down but it was too chilly. I bet it's nice in the spring though before it gets too hot.

 There was even an authentic campsite in the backyard!

 Some animal skins.

Where we had our breakfast.

This is an old battlefield in South Carolina. We were told that it was one of the first battles of the Revolutionary War. The path is about 1.5 miles and takes an hour.

Apparently, the same guy who designed the Washington Monument designed this one too. No, I don't remember his name.

 Chema was fascinated by this tree because it has four trunks.

There I am! I'm trying to put my face a bit more in the blog. So here's another random picture!

There were a lot of these gravestones about.

 As well as these placards describing important places along the path.

It was an interesting experience. I recommend this bed and breakfast to anyone who loves history and who loves to eat. I bought this deal on LivingSocial and the room, a wine-tasting tour, and a free appetizer and dessert at one of the area restaurants was included. As well as a tour of the culinary museum where you learn about all of the knick knacks in the place.

I almost forgot to show you what we ate!

Our free appetizer: cheesy spinach dip with flatbread.

Our 2 main dishes: Fried catfish sandwich and smothered chicken with gravy and mashed potatoes.

It was sooooo good!
My one regret is not staying longer. We didn't even have time to do everything included in the deal. We didn't get to go on the wine-tasting tour or take advantage of our free dessert. Plus, there are dozens of beautiful places to visit nearby.

At least we know where to go the next time we want a quick getaway!



    What a great recap, I felt like I was there with you guys (haha)! I love quick getaways like that, it can really sooth the soul.

    Oh.. and I also am NOT a fan of dolls... LOL!

  2. Thank you! I got the inspiration of the pics from your blog! Hehe. But yea, it was nice to get away. Bad news is that it's business as usual now. When's the next holiday? lol.