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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week 21 Hair

I did my protein treatment today! I'm proud of myself! Although the hair process hasn't been completed yet. (I have in the deep conditioner as I write this).

Aphogee STINKS!!! For those that have tried it already, you know. But for me it was an unpleasant surprise. I also hate hooded dryers. It's uncomfortable, hot, and it burns my eyes and my forehead.

I am, however, doing the protein treatment once a month. Right now I don't notice anything special. I probably need to use it a few more times.

Anyway, I'm just happy I got out of my laziness to do it

I also tried a different process washing my hair to save water. Instead of detangling in the shower I did it before I washed. I put my hair in sections, about six, then sprayed them with plain water. Once it was saturated with water I added my Suave conditoner and started removing shed hairs. I then twisted each section back up. 

After that I got into the shower and shampooed my hair in sections. It worked out pretty well. The next step was: 
  • The protein treatment 
  • Sitting under the hooded dryer until it was hard
  • Rinsing it out
  • Putting in the intense moisture conditioner
  • Deep conditioner
Once I wash out my deep conditioner I'll do the rest of my routine. The laziness is setting in so I'll probably do super humongous twists and leave them in until Wednesday. 

My husband and I are going away from Thursday-Friday because our 3-year anniversary is on Sunday! He doesn't know about it yet because it's a surprise. But I will include a post next week with pictures on where we went! But I think I want my hair out for the trip.

Since I didn't wash my hair last Sunday my hair hasn't been in twists this entire week. I alternated between buns and Updo #1 as well as Lazy Day Style #4. It wasn't that bad. Not as much "work" as I expected. Maybe I'll alternate weeks.

Week 22 Hair 
  • Detangle out of shower
  • Shampoo hair in sections
  • Deep conditioner
  • Kimmaytube leave in
  • Twists

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  1. This is a great post. I love this site!! Keep it up girl!!