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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Back on Task

This weekend has been the most active weekend in a long time! That's why I wanted to share it with you all! It is so obvious that I don't have the chance to get out much, isn't it?

But now back to training.


I ran my 12 miles and felt great while doing it. I don't know how, but I ran it faster than I wanted. I guess I was just excited to be back out there. I normally run it in 90 minutes, but I ran it in 85 minutes this time. Didn't plan on it but...well, next week I have 10 miles to run and I hope to bring the time up. You know, really focus on my running form, my breathing, and my pace. It's also my last "mock run" before the half-marathon.


My mom also went away for the weekend so she wanted to make up for the 3 days she missed by going to the gym everyday this week. However, she came home from work with a nasty headache. So I went on a 60 minute walk with my brother and did some light stretching.


I went on a 30-minute early morning run and did some ab exercises. Fall is getting closer and closer because it was FREEZING out! Although, the temperatures rise to the 70s during the day.

After work I went with my mom to the gym to get her 60 minutes in. We went to her favorite class: Sha'bam. For me it was only OK because we went to a different location. I didn't like the steps in the new location so I probably won't go to that class again.


My mom has body combat while I'll be doing weights and some ab exercises.


Another early morning run (30 minutes) and then the gym after work.


We hit the gym again! This week is "Launch Week" so all the classes will be introducing new steps. But I have weight training again so my mom will have to get embarrassed all by herself learning the new steps!


This is my rest day but if my mom wants to go to the gym I'm up for it.


My last "mock run" before the half-marathon! The goal is 10 miles. I plan to imitate everything I will do the day of the event. 

I plan to: 
  • get up at the same time 
  • have the same breakfast
  • wear the same clothes
  • do the same warm up and stretches  
  • run at the same time 

I'll provide a detailed summary of everything later.

This is turning out to be another active week. Next week I plan to limit how long, and how much, I run in preparation for the half-marathon.

But, again, details on that coming soon!

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