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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week 23 Hair

Next week is my 6 month HHCJ mark! 

I'm excited to see if my hair has grown. It's interesting when you establish a routine because you don't really notice the progress that you are making.

For me, I don't feel like my hair has done much since the last time I measured it

Not for any particular reason. I still do the same things, but I think I'm getting a little bored.

One positive thing about my wash routine this week is that it was a lot easier to detangle and I didn't have many shed hairs. This morning I went to run at 7am, and it was 30 degrees, so I wanted to wash my hair quickly and warm up.

Today I had the quickest detangling session since I started this journey.

To help motivate myself, I'd like to try some new products to "spice up" my routine. However, I still have lots of stuff to use up. I do need to purchase more deep conditioner so I hope to do so on Monday.

At the beginning of my journey I definitely went overboard with the products. I'm just discovering that now as I've still been using the same products for 6 months now.

Mainly because I was really inspired by the women on youtubeI wanted to try everything! There's still a bunch of things I'd like to try at some point.

Next week I will talk a lot more about my next steps in my journey. But I'll tell you one thing I know, without a doubt, that I want to work on:

Trying new hairstyles. 

I keep telling myself I will practice cornrowing and flat twisting and the dozens of other cute styles on youtube. But I never do. Actually, I'm rather good at cornrowing other people's hair. So I do know how to do it. I just need to take time and practice.

The hard thing is that I wash my hair every week and for me that is a chore! I do my long runs on Sundays as well as accompany my mom to the gym. So after all that I don't have the energy to spend extra time working on styles.

As they saying goes, people find time for what they want to find time for. For me, I'd rather spend time:

Watching other people do great styles on youtube
And now, finding vegan recipes.

Hair is a priority, but not a "top" priority...yet. Yes, it's a bit ridiculous because my hair is one of the main reasons I started this blog.

Like I said above, I believe I'm entering a HHCJ rut. So to snap myself out of it, I will try to make hairstyles a top priority in the near future.

We'll see how this develops over the coming weeks.

Week 24 Hair

Length check
Deep condition
Kimmaytube leave in


  1. Where are the pictures? I love your hair update photos...

  2. I know! I've been lazy! I promise to take some pictures next week!