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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2011 NC State Fair

Friday of last week I went to the NC State Fair. It's held every year although this was only my second time attending. I actually didn't stay for as long as I would have liked but I ate everything I'd planned to!

We went the day we got back from our lovely anniversary getaway. So we were tired that night. However, since it was the last weekend we had to go. Initially, I had planned to add these pics to the anniversary post, but I got carried away!

So here's a couple of pics to wrap up my busy weekend.

I love taffy! Didn't eat any but it was neat how the machine kept spitting them out.

All your fried wants. Actually the fair also featured fried pickles, kool-aid, candy apples, snickers...the list goes on.

It was a nice night to go. There wasn't a lot of people and the weather was nice and cool.

Fried dough, funnel cake, whatever you call it, it's some good stuff. I was good and shared one.

Also in the mood for cheesy fries.

For dessert we had a cinnamon bun.

Chema wasn't brave enough to try a turkey leg...and I don't eat much meat. So we just stared in awe. I wonder what they do with the leftovers?

Of course the ferris wheel. We didn't get on any rides. That's when you notice how old you are when you are at the fair and don't even want to get on the ferris wheel!

What's not shown here is my half-eaten candy apple. I hadn't had one of those since I was a kid so I had to endulge. I remember why it's a kid's treat: those candy pieces are annoying when they get stuck in your teeth! I could have sucked on it like a lollipop but a red mustache isn't all that flattering for a 27-year-old. I also felt like I was going to have a mouth full of cavities the next morning.

It was business as usual on Saturday. Day 1 of our vegan challenge started and then Sunday was my typical long run day. My marathon training weekly update is coming soon so don't miss that!

All in all a nice, well-rounded, weekend. Next stop: Halloween!

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