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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall is here!

Although it doesn't feel like it! It's still hot here in NC. It seems like it will never get cold!

At least the houses in the above pictures are in the fall spirit! My brother and I go for a walk almost everyday (not today because my mom and I are hitting the gym) and there are tons of houses  decorated. Even the stores are already selling halloween costumes and candy.

The day I finally see pumpkin pie at my local supermarket, I'm buying at least two, and gobbling them up ALL BY MYSELF!

Until then I'll tell you guys how the week is shaping up.


My mom and I went to a gym class. We thought we were going to body combat again (you know how I LOVE that!) but it was actually Sha'bam. This is a dance class. No, I'm not a coordinated person. 

We didn't figure it out until we were inside and the instructor was introducing the class as Sha'bam. I wanted to leave running but since we were already there we stayed. It was a lot of fun! I'll definitely go again next week before my free pass expires.


I went on a 70-minute walk with my brother. It helps me get moving and helps him unload (emotionally I mean). After that I did my abs, arm exercises, and leg exercises in the house. My mom had an appointment with her personal trainer at 730pm so I had time. 

I have to take pics of her Friday when she has her next appointment because she is too cute! She's determined to lose the 15 pounds she gained after having surgery last year. 

I planned on hitting another class but they were all cancelled at the gym that day. So instead I did intervals on the static bike for 30 minutes and some leg exercises on the machines for 30 minutes. A nice, complete, workout day.

Rest day.


Before Body Combat (woohoo!) I plan on running for 30-45 minutes. Before heading to the gym, while I wait for my mom to get off work, I'll do my abs, arms, and leg exercises in the house. 

My foot feels really good. Hopefully it stays that way because I want to try running for distance on Sunday. Fingers crossed!


No running planned but I'll be at the gym with my mom doing some class. There's body pump (you use weights) so that might be interesting to try.


My mom has another appointment with her personal trainer (stay tuned for pics). I'll either join a class or do my own thing. I definitely have to get a 30-45 minute run in and some weights.

Rest day


Go to Sha'bam again and attempt to run for distance. If I can do 10 miles with no pain then I'm home free!


  1. My fingers are sooooo crossed for you!!! You've been busy using that gym membership!! Way to go!!!!!! I've been kind of lazy lately.. but you are a great motivator! Sha'bam sounds fun, I would be so nervous for a class like that since I have NO coordination.. but, eh.. sometimes you just have to step out of your comfort zone!

    Good Luck on Sunday!! :)

  2. Thanks Brooke! This gym membership, or rather free 2-week pass, is great! It's nice to break routine sometimes. We should have hit the gym today but like you had the oveflow with your septic tank we had one with our pipes. The bathroom downstairs overflowed. Not pretty. It took like 1.5 hours for the plumber to fix. So she needed to de-stress. My way is running and her way is getting her nails done! But I went too. lol. I guess I'll check out a class Saturday. I'm glad I motivate you though! You do the same for me!

  3. And hey, you've run a MARATHON! Hello! You have the right to be lazy!