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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Training and Hair Updates

I was completely lazy this weekend and did not wash my hair. That's why I didn't post. But this is how I wore my hair Friday to work and this weekend:

I love hats! My mom made me this one for me. I need more in other colors.

Sunday made it Week 20 in my HHCJ. There haven't been many changes in my routine, which is probably why I haven't done a formal update in awhile. I FINALLY picked up my protein treatment. I'll use it next week and let you all know how I like it.

Even though I didn't wash last night I still prepped it before going to bed so it wasn't a dry mess in the morning. 

  • I put my hair in sections and sprayed it with a mixture of water, aloe vera juice, and rosemary essential oil. 
  • After that I applied my Bear Fruit Hair Desert Moisture Leave-in Conditioner and then sealed with olive oil.
  • I twisted up each section and then put on my scarf and satin bonnet. In the morning to refresh my hair I just applied some of my Shea Moisture Milk. 

I LOVE this stuff and will definitely buy more. It's so nice and creamy and makes my hair feel super soft. I put my hair in a simple bun, gelled down the sides, and twisted my bangs. No, I didn't take any pics of that because it was nothing special. :)

In about 3 week or so I'll be at 6 MONTHS! Time goes by so fast. Interestingly, that's when I run my half-marathon, which brings us to the training update.

I'll talk more about my preparation and thoughts for the half-marathon (November 6th) next week.

I just want to say: MY FOOT IS HEALED!! I ran 8 miles on Sunday (instead of the 10) only because I didn't want to push myself too hard. But I felt fine. Perfect. No pain whatsoever. It took me 60 minutes.

So next week I will run 12 miles and the week after 10 miles and then I have the half-marathon.

My foot has NOT been hurting at all during this time. 
I just felt like my body would thank me for taking some "time off" from running. I've been running three times a week but not surpassing 30 minutes for the past two weeks.

I'm itching to start doing some real miles! So come November I'll be in perfect shape to start re-incorporating my speed training (Fartlek) and my 12+ miles.

This is how the week is shaping up:

Had my weekly walk with my brother. I'm opting not to do my weight training because I'm a bit tired. If I do go to the gym with my mom this evening I'll just do the static bike for 30 minutes and maybe some arm exercises.

Run 20-30 minutes, abs

Weight training and maybe a gym class (body combat!). This is supposed to be my last day but if you check out my post on Love Life Project I'm debating whether or not to purchase a gym membership!

Run 20-30 minutes, abs (and gym with my mom if I do decide to purchase a membership)

Weight training

Rest day

12 miles (roughly 90 minutes)

This week I figured I'd try to do weights on the days I don't run. See how my body feels, switch it up a bit.

Have an active and productive week everyone!


  1. Best. Post. Ever!!!!! I am so glad to hear your foot is healed and has cooperated with these miles!!! You are soooo going to rock your half in a couple of weeks (so weird that Nov is right around the corner)!!

  2. Thanks Brooke!!! I'm happy too. I was seriously paranoid during the entire run! lol. I was willing it not to hurt. I mean, like I said, it hadn't been hurting. But once I reached 30 minutes I was a little apprehensive. I ran this morning (just 20 minutes) and my foot was perfect. So YIPPEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I finally figured out how to comment on these things. Android is not the end all. I'm so glad to hear that your foot is getting better. I'm excited for you.

  4. Thanks Ann! Yea, I was seriously worried about it. I had another injury last year that was a lot more serious. So I was worried I was going to live through another few months of misery. Thankfully I'm not!

  5. Run 12 miles in 90 minutes?!?! Lets talk about run/walk 6 miles in 90 minutes!

  6. Hahaha! Well, remember I've been running for more than a year now and training for most of it. But I'm proud of you! Like 6 months ago you couldn't do that. Imagine what you can accomplish in 6 more!