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Saturday, October 15, 2011


I am officially a gym-goer! I got my membership yesterday. Actually, speaking of the gym yesterday...


It was hilarious because as you all know my mom has been wanting me to go with her for weeks. For some reason or another we haven't been able to go. Well, yesterday was the day.

My mom actually thought the class was Sha'bam. We walk in and I see a different teacher so already I'm suspicious. My suspicions were realized when the instructor turned around with a t-shirt that said "Zumba" on it.

I turn to my mom and tell her: "Um, I think this is Zumba". My mom says: "Oh" and shrugs. So we stay. I'm thinking that it's a good thing because she's wanted to try it for some time.

We are in there doing the steps for about ten minutes and my mom turns to me and says: "I'm ready to go!". Yes, I almost fell to the floor laughing! Here I was apprehensive about it and my mom wanted to give up after 10 minutes! Of course I didn't let her. We stuck it out for the entire 60 minutes.

Really, it's understandable why my mom wanted to leave.
  • Everyone, but us, knew how to do the steps
  • The instructor was hyper-active and didn't teach us how to do the steps before she started
  • There was a lot of booty shaking. My mom is not a booty shaker.

Overall, it was a pretty hilarious situation. I should have taken pictures of my mother's "stank face" because she had it the entire class! Personally, I think it's OK. Would I do it again? Probably not. Mainly because it's not enough of a workout for me. I do give it some credit though because there is a lot of jumping around. But I'd rather do body combat or Sha'bam or body pump. So, yea, that's Zumba.

[We went to the gym today and my mom had her appointment with the personal trainer. I did weights after a warm up on the elliptical. Wednesday we had a rest day so tomorrow morning we are hitting a class to make up for it. Then running for me on Sunday followed by Sha'bam!]

In other news I'm trying to re-work my diet a bit. I typically don't eat anything before a run. If I do I feel nauseous. It doesn't matter if I wait 3 hours after I eat. For that reason I typically like to run in the morning. I eat breakfast after I run.

This week I've been incorporating Cliff Bars into my eating regimen. Last week I bought some vitamins and I have to take them with food. Usually I eat half the Cliff Bar and then have my normal breakfast after I run. So far so good.

Anyone have any suggestions on what to eat (and what not to eat) before a run? Or any suggestions on how I can train my stomach so that I don't feel queasy when I do eat?

In an entirely non-related note, I decorated my mom's house for Halloween! This is definitely the first time it's ever been decorated. Ok, my younger brother and Chema helped too. Marvel in the magnificence that is scary stuff. 
(Hey, I haven't been able to celebrate Halloween for 4 years so I'm into it this year).

This was my vision and my favorite part.

Clearly, my brother's idea.

We all helped with this one but Chema did the hard stuff.

This was a brother and sister colaboration.

This was my mom's idea!

I can't wait to give out candy to all the little trick-or-treaters!


  1. I have read that a piece of cinnamon raisin toast with a bit of peanut butter on it does pretty well... But you don't like peanut butter, so maybe some almond butter for you. Anything small to give you an extra bit of energy.

  2. Good idea! I ate 2 Cliff granola bars this morning before running. I felt good. It was like 180 calories. After that I had a banana with some cashew butter and some Kefir. For lunch I'll have pasta!

  3. I like zumba. I like how goofy everyone looks. I've never felt out of place in a zumba class, because only the instructor really looks good doing it...the rest of us look foolish, which is fine by me!

  4. Hehehehe! That's SO true! No one laughed at me and I wasn't embarrassed...maybe I'll give it another shot. My mom definitely won't!