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Monday, January 2, 2012

January Goals


I've been MIA with good reason: I have been enjoying my time off work! I had Friday off and I have today (Monday) off as well. So Chema and I have just been relaxing and avoiding the Internet.

So I have tons of posts to catch back up on like: the Things I'm Loving Series (which will be December and January combined this month),  my hair update, my long run recap, weekly update...and some other odds and ends.

But first here are my goals for the month of January. I don't "do" resolutions so these are just my overall goals for the month. Just like I did for November and December. So check those out if you haven't already.

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  1. Stay Injury Free -- This one is my overall goal until I run my marathon in February. I keep it on the list to simply remind myself to stay within my limits.
  2. Get Race Day Meal and Clothes Together -- I wrote about how I love Sport Beans in my long run update last week. So I need to get more of those and get my gear together so I can start practicing in it. I'm also purchasing some new runnning shoes this week that I need to break in as well.
  3. Book Hotel and Rental Car -- The marathon is so close now! I have 3 more weeks of training and then I start tapering. I definitely need to start getting some of the paperwork stuff out of the way so I'm not stressed about it. It would be quite unfortunate to not have anywhere to stay! Luckily, the marathon website provides a pretty complete list of hotels.
  4. Finish Scarf -- This is a pretty random goal but I'm learning how to crochet. My mom and sisters are pros at it but I was never interested in learning. They've finally convinced me and I'm making a scarf. The most annoying thing about crocheting is that what you are making never seems to get finished! My goal is to finish this scarf and move onto something more challenging like a hat.
  5. Get Another "artsy" Activity -- The scarf making has inspired me to take on some other art activities. I am not a creative person, at all. But I figure if I can learn how to make a scarf...anything is possible! So I saw how to make some cute button earrings and crochet earrings on youtube. They make it look so easy that I want to try it. Plus, I'm trying to save money anyway. Why buy earrings when I can make them?
  6. GET LICENSE -- It's coming down to the wire people. This month is the month of truth.
  7. Redo RSS Feeds -- One of my goals last month was to reconect with family and friends and other bloggers. Well, Chema reformatted the computer and it didn't register that I would lose all my RSS feeds! Now I have to go back and try to remember who I was subscribed to or just find new people to follow. I welcome any and all suggestions.

Do you make New Years Resolutions? What are some goals you've set this month? For 2012?


  1. Awesome Goals!!

    Let me know if you want any beads, I have tons that I don't need.

    I like making goals for each year, I wouldn't necessarily call them New Year's Resolutions because it is usually things I am planning on or working towards throughout the year but I find the whole process of making goals then writing them down to be quite thrilling!!

    Anyway my plans for the next year is to have a Double "D" year: Discipline and Determination.
    I have some savings goals to reach financially, some bills I want to get payed off. I also have some exercise/health goals I want to reach. Of course I have many others and I evaluate, renew or revisit them monthly.
    I was listening to Joyce Meyers this morning and she was talking about the pursuit of excellence. Planning and reflection is a great way to keep oneself on the path of pursuing excellence in personal endeavors.

  2. Ooooh! Beads! I want some even though I'm not sure what I'd do with them yet! lol. I like your plans to save money and those exercise goals! Put them up on your blog!