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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Week 35 Hair

One of the styles I rocked last week. I have to buy more of these Goody clips because I love them! They are a lot better than rubber bands because they will never pull your hair out. I use ouchless bands but sometimes hair still escapes when I take it out. Not when I use these bands. 

I also need to get the larger sizes. When I first started my HHCJ the small size was perfect. Now my hair has grown some and it is a bit of a chore to get all my hair in it. That's why I typically use two of them. This style is essentially a bun but with Goody clips. This was on day 3 hair.

On Sunday I think I'm going back to twisting my hair while wet. I really like how versatile my hair is with dry twists because they are longer and don't get as frizzy. But I'm lazy. I have to prep my hair on Sunday (by twisting it), then take them down again the next day and twist again. It's most definitely not a time-saver.

This past Sunday I prepared my hair and then wore it in an updo because I had to go to work. (I didn't take pictures of it but I will try to recapture the style the next time I wash my hair.) I could have rocked that for a couple of days. Then when my hair started gettiing frizzy, retwist the perimeter. I wear my hair up anyway.

Plus I don't like having my hands in my hair so much. When I twist it wet I just leave it alone until it's time to take it down (moisturizing as needed of course). Or, like next week, I will retwist the perimeter as it gets frizzy.

My hair still feels and looks great though. It's incredibly moisturized and doing well. I have no complaints there. But it's almost time for my next length check and I want to baby it a bit more.

Week 36 Hair
Detangle with conditioner
Deep condition
Kimmaytube leave in

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