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Monday, January 16, 2012

Marathoning A-Z


One of my Christmas presents this year was the Kindle Fire. I'm not really into technology (I don't even have a smartphone) but I have been trying to give it some use. So far my favorite apps are Pandora...and all the other free stuff

I've been downloading free books like crazy since I got it. There are actual, real, copies of books in my possesion right now that I don't even have time to read. However, the lure of FREE has hypnotized me. What can I say?

This book I came across in the solo sports section. It's the Kindle Fire edition. It's nice in that you can bookmark pages and highlight passages for later review. 

If you haven't read this book already you might as well get it, especially if you own a Kindle Fire. While it didn't really tell me anything life altering, it was a good read. 

The book definitely reinforced a lot of things. Things I've read about already, for example, and some other things I've been thinking about throughout my training and when race day comes along.

Honestly, it was quite motivating, and nice, to know that there are tons of us out there. We are a unique "type" of person. I haven't even run my marathon yet and I've already made lots of cyber friends.

My favorite quote in the book is this:

"Whenever someone asks you why you are running a marathon, simply reply: Because I can."

Man do I wish I'd read this book months ago! That is the perfect comeback for those sneering people who think that running a marathon is just ridiculous. 

There are those that ask, in awe, and that's harmless. But there are those "haters" who just want to get you down.

There are tons of funny little lines like that in the book. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will probably re-read it again at some point. Probably when I'm preparing for my second marathon!

What are some books you've read that inspire you?


  1. I was thinking about getting a Kindle Fire. Keep us updated on how you like it.

  2. Do you like (or have time) to read books on the go? Like personalized radio stations (Pandora), free apps/games...that's what I use it for. I got this free month of Amazon Prime with the Kindle and u get unlimited video and TV shows. It's $79 a month, which isn't bad. I don't watch TV though and what I've been watching now have been shows I watched as a teenager. I don't think I'd ever pay for it though. I mean, you can get a redbox movie for $1 or Netflicks etc. On the Kindle it's like $4 per movie. It's OK but if it wasnt't gifted to me I wouldn't have bought it. But that's just based on me and my likes.