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Friday, January 20, 2012

Wish List: Food Items

I know, this is supposed to be another yummy recipe for you all to try and enjoy. But honestly, for the past couple of weeks I haven't made anything remotely interesting. Just a lot of salad, pasta, couscous, crock pot stuff and smoothies. Things that I love but have already shared.

Even though I haven't made anything new it hasn't come from a lack of want, it comes from a lack of time. There are TONS of ingredients and recipes that I really want to try. 

My husband and I were gifted 3 vegan cookbooks this Christmas. So I feel like I have all the tools, yet things still don't get made.

It's been about 3 months since we started the vegan challenge and it's time to get a little more adventurous.

This week I have a list of things I've been thinking about trying. Hopefully, in the coming weeks (and months), I can scratch some of this stuff off the list!

So here goes:

  • "Live" Brownies -- I just subscribed to an interesting youtuber who has been vegan for more than 12 years. In 2011 she took a live (or raw) food challenge and it completely intrigued me. While I will NOT be joining her in this endeavor, there are some recipes I'd like to try. Here's the video that inspired me to read up on it if you're interested.

    • Kale -- I've heard it's similar to collard greens but have never used it. I'd also like to make kale chips.
    • Raw cocoa powder -- This is one of the ingredients needed to make the "live"(or raw) brownies.
    • Almond milk -- I want to try to make my own. I don't have a food processor though so this recipe will have to wait until I get one.
    • Vegan cheese sauce -- This is another recipe for the food processor. I have a blender, which only really works for mixing liquids and smoothies and such.
    • Dressings -- My vegan cookbook has TONS of different recipes for dressings. We always use the same one in our salads (olive oil and vinegar). So I want to branch out and experiment with some new flavors.
    • Brown rice flour -- A tasty sounding vegan gravy is used with this flour. Apparently, it lumps a lot less than whole wheat flour making it a breeze to use. I'm sure it has other uses as well.
    • Tofu mayonnaise -- I don't even care for mayo but my husband does so I'd try it for his sake.
    • Polenta -- There are so many things you can make with this stuff, including pizza, which I miss!
    • Desserts -- We need more of these
    I know these ingredients are haphazardly thrown together but they were the things that caught my eyes as I skimmed my cookbook. I'm hoping this list will push me to get it together! So stay tuned for more recipes.


    1. As much as I love ya, I'm not sure we'll ever be able to have lunch together ;-)

    2. Hahaha! Sure we will! I'll just order the veggie dish! Actually, there is a local Chinese restaurant that serves vegan food and it's all quite "normal." You know what? I'd LOVE to cook for you one day. Most of the stuff I eat you wouldn't even be able to tell it's vegan. Seriously.

    3. I was wondering if you were doing some sort of vegan challenge, I guess I totally missed that post! Anyway, I watched two films yesterday while I was home in bed sick, both were about food, healthy and lifestyle: "Food matters" and "Forks over Knives". I enjoyed them a great deal and they fell right in line with one of my goals this year which is to eat less meat and to try more vegetable and vegetable based protein for my families meals. We don't do a ton of red meat now, mostly goat and some chicken but not nearly enough fish. But I am yearning to experiment more with other veggies and I'm truly bored of the food I have been eating. Granted we eat a variety of international foods I am ready for more change. The problem is getting hubby on board. I could easily eat less meat but when there isn't any meat in a meal he looks at me like "uh, you left something out". Luckily he watched one of the films with me yesterday and he is started to "get it". As for your post...Kale is wonderful, absolutely my favorite leafy green veggie, have you tried swiss chard??? Add that to your list rainbow swiss chard can be added to greens or to any dish in place of something like celery and its good for you and has a mild flavor. I have a food processor on my wish list too!! I want to eat less dairy, but I know I could never be a fully committed vegan because I love my frozen yogurt and greek yogurt oh and did I mention butter??? I eat all of these in moderation but I don't think I would be a happy camper without them. Anywho, do you think you would want to go all vegan or are you just trying out something new??

    4. Actually I wrote a post about the movie Forks Over Knives and that's where I announced my vegan challenge. It's initially for 6 months, and we started at the end of October. We are completely vegan right now and, honestly, I love it! I haven't eaten meat in years so the only thing I cut out was dairy and eggs. There are a ton of substitutes though when I feel like I need something. But then again, I'm not a fan of butter! Chema comes from a culture that is centered around meat (pork especially) but came around. I think for him it was also a personal goal to get healthy and lose weight. So that clearly helped. Maybe for now you have to go it solo (I definitely know the feeling). But that's OK! Oh, and I have to try swiss chard too. Sounds yummy.

    5. I totally missed the post about that movie, you're always one step ahead of me which is great!! I just don't think I could do vegan long term and I don't mind that. I think I more so want to eat MORE veggies which will kind of naturally push meat out of the way. I like Seitan but I can't really get down with the taste of other substitutes and so many vegans in Portland fill up on heavy carbs, sugar and processed stuff which is no good either. I think I just want more good stuff, and if I eat meat for it to be healthy and natural. I do wish we were closer cause I would definitely love to try some of the stuff you make, it sounds delish!!