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Monday, January 16, 2012

Week 34 Hair

Another freestyle updo that I rocked this week. It's actually just another version of this style. By the end of the day some of the bobby pins were annoying me. So the next day I wore the ends in a clip to use less bobby pins. It was a success.

Nothing new this week with the hair. I didn't put in the dry twists until Tuesday since I was loving my previous updo style so much. For that reason I was able to keep my hair in for Saturday. I took the twists out Saturday night and then washed my hair after running this morning.

Depending on how the week develops I will either install the dry twists on Monday or Tuesday.

There's only about 34 days until I do my next length check

It'll be after my marathon in February. I'm excited to see what growth I was able to maintain!

In addition, I will probably do a reassesment of my products thus far. I'm running out of some stuff and I want to try some new stuff.

Week 35 Hair
Detangle with conditioner
Deep condition
Kimmaytube Leave In

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