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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Week 33 Hair

This is one of the styles I rocked last week. I'm trying to wear more updos just for variety. Typically I wear my twists in a bun during the week. I was getting tired of that. I do it because it is SIMPLE and absolutely NO FUSS WHATSOEVER. But I decided to be adventerous and do something different!

This pic was taken on Friday. That's why the twists are frizzy.

The style below is one I made up on the fly this morning! I was extremely happy with the results. These are chunky twists. I prepped my hair yesterday for the twists I am going to do today. Instead of braiding my hair like I have done for the past two weeks before installing my dry twists, I decided to simply twist. 

My hair is so curly that when I braid it wet it gets really defined. That's great if I want to rock a braidout. But annoying when I try to smooth my hair out for twists. I hope that makes sense. 

Basically these are just chunky twists overlapped and pinned. It took me 5 minutes (or less). I also glammed it up with a flower. I would've preferred a cute headband though.

This weekend before I shampooed (on Saturday) I took down my twists. I really wanted to separate them well this time to speed up the detangling process. Luckily detangling doesn't take me long anyway. 

While I was taking them down I decided to do a bit of grooming. I started snipping off those "fairy knots" or "single strand knots" that we naturals are plagued with. 

Normally I leave them alone. But I had nothing else to do so I decided to be productive. It was not exactly a trim because I, literally, just snipped the knot off each strand. I know I didn't get them all but it took me 3 hours to do my entire head. 

My hair feels great now and it was SUPER DUPER EASY to detangle. I can't commit to a next time because it was really time consuming. Maybe before I do a protein treatment (I did one yesterday)? Don't quote me on that though! 

The following are pics of my hair after the snipping.

As for other hair-related news: I finally bought some jojoba oil. I've been wanting some since I started my HHCJ in May. I bought mine at Trader Joes for $7. Yes, it's expensive, but I only use it in my kimmaytube leave in mixture. It will last me awhile. 

Other than that business as usual with the hair. I will install the dry twists today and keep them in until Friday. Last week I retwisted the perimeter of my hair and kept them in all week. Usually I take them down at the end of day on Thursday. But I kept them in until Saturday and they looked decent. I'm definitely content with my hair.

Week 34 Hair
Detangle with conditioner
Deep condition
Kimmaytube leave in


  1. Why does your hair look super DUPER thick with those styles, I LOVE the first one!! I have been trying new styles lately too and I have been meaning to take a picture and send to you. Check out pictures online of 1940's styles, they are super easy and excellent protective styles, I rocked one on my date night this weekend and both nights had major compliments, but the best part is its easy and cute!!

  2. Thanks! My hair loves twists and especially updos! So I'm always on the hunt. Send me your pics so I can copy your styles please! Also, what exactly do I put in as a search term? I only got straight styles for the 1940s.

  3. Wow Samantha I really dig your style! It's awesome. My wife is really into fashion, hair, etc... and is really enjoying your posts!

  4. Hey Chad! Thanks for stopping by! Wow, I'm honored that you share my blog with your wife! That's cool. :) And thanks! lol.

  5. Girl you hair is defintitely growing hecka long! Love the twist. Do you ever rock a twist out on a date night?

  6. Thanks girlie! And, um, I would need to have a "date night" first...Lol. We are in a rut. But no, I haven't worn my hair truly out since May! Maybe I'll "treat" myself after the marathon. Lol.