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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thoughts of the Gym

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This is a short and sweet post but I had to tell you all how I love having friends at the gym! It seems like only males frequent the gym sometimes. So it's nice to see "regulars" who are females. 

I recently befriended two such women. It was surprising to me because I don't make friends at the gym. I'm not a mean person. But I'm usually so concentrated or "in my zone," as people say, that I hardly even recognize anyone.

They made the initial contact. I see them about a few times a week and we make small talk about our personal lives and working out. One of the women even asked if she could do ab exercises with me! I felt like such the personal trainer

So that's that...

Oh, and one weird thing I hate about the gym:

I hate changing in front of people.

I know we are all women and have the same equipment but it makes me blush! The bottom half is fine but when I get ready to put on my sports bra...it's like I'm in a race.

Actually today I had to wear a sports bra that's like a shirt because nothing else was clean. Normally, I like those because I don't have to worry about wearing a shirt, it's all in one. Well this one fits, well, like a second skin. So sometimes it takes me a bit of effort to get it on.

That was extra true today because my arms were sore from weight training earlier in the week. I'm struggling, trying to hurry so no one looks at my boobies (and trust me, I don't have much anyway). Meanwhile women are all around me talking and joking. It was the worst.

I finally got it on but had deodorant stains all on the sides. It was quite embarrassing even though I know no one was paying attention to me. I deal with it because I feel like a child going into the bathroom to put on my bra.


What are some of your pet peeves about the gym? Or exercising in group settings?


  1. LMBO at you trying to put the bra on at the gym like a kid. I use to hate that. Now I change at home and stuff. I never go the gym and have to go anywhere right after it.

  2. I typically go after work because it's more convenient. Lol. But I never shower there. Mostly because I'm a germaphobe.

  3. Girl, I'm so confortable in my skin, I owuld walk around butt naked if I wasn't afraid of offending people, so its HILARIOUS to see you freaking out.LOL!! The only thing I don't like is exposed vagaga's thats just gross, other than that I'm like whatever. Now that I have had people watch me push a baby through my vagaga its really like, WHATEVER!!
    What I hate about the gym on the other hand is the ogling dudes who think they know everything, want to talk to you and be your "friend". I hate going because I feel so uncomfortable.

  4. Hehehehe! It really is silly but it's probably based a bit on caring about what other people think. It's funny because I don't consciously care what other people think. I also feel you about the guys. They are gonna look no matter what. I just put on my game face. I guess since I look like I know what I'm doing they leave me alone. But yea, I'd prefer to go with a buddy.