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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fleet Feet Sports


This is a local-owned store that specializes in everything running. I stopped by last Friday because I was on the search for some new running shoes. (I mentioned this in my last post.) They have trained professionals who fit you into the right shoe for you.

It was my first professional shoe-fitting and it won't be my last! I loved it!

I went after work that day. My long run was on Sunday so I really wanted to purchase something that day. Actually, last week was when I should have bought them but I didn't have time.

The day before I went browsing on their website and it said that I should bring my old running shoes.  I had also read somewhere that the best way to get fitted was by close inspection of old running shoes. So I was already impressed.

I've written past articles about my running form and pronation but to sum up: I moderately overpronate

My old running shoes are a pair of Nikes that are supposed to correct my type of pronation. I'm not an expert. But I researched a lot about it. I also read a lot about the injury I suffered last year so I knew what I needed.

Well, I go into Fleet Feet and Mike tells me that the old running shoes look great. The wear is straight down the middle and I should get something similar to what I already have. I was shocked and proud of myself! I had diagnosed myself people!

Anyway, the first thing he did was measure my feet. Then look at my calves and ankles as I walked around the store barefoot. Of course I rolled up my pants first. He wanted to see if my calves and ankles did anything out of the ordinary. But I was fine.

I also remembered to bring the socks that I run in and tried on my first pair, which were the Mizunos. If you forget this step they have tons of socks you can use. From there I tried on a pair of Asics and then a pair of Nikes. The Nikes are like the ones I have now but the updated version.

Nikes are nice because they have that foam that makes it feel like you are running on pillows. However, I wanted to try something new. So that's why I picked the Mizunos. They are also narrower and sturdier around the ankle. It is taking some getting used to.

In each pair of shoes Mike took me outside to watch me run. My ankle, according to Mike, tends to rotate just a tad when I run. But I looked good in each pair.

I also tried them on with some amazing orthopedic inserts. This was to correct the slight ankle rotation. At that time I didn't think it was absolutely necessary to get them but maybe if I feel like splurging one day. (They cost $40 a pair but last for 3 pairs or running shoes).

So basically the choice was down to what I wanted because any of the shoes could work. The Mizunos were the more expensive pair (the Nikes the cheapest). It's always good to try out different brands of shoes so I figured this was the perfect time.

Right now I'm trying to break them. I've run on them twice already. Once during a long run of 16 miles and the second time during interval training on the treadmill. Tomorrow I'll do a short run of about 3-4 miles or so to further break them in. Then I have a long run on Sunday.

I'm loving these shoes! 

I say definitely try to find a professional running shoe retailer where you live. Not just any place, a place where they can actually fit you for a shoe. It is so worth it.

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