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Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

Yes I'm back, alive and well and settling in! My goal to start training again was postponed a few days but I'm getting back on track. I ran for 30 minutes yesterday to ease back into it and I can tell you that I definitely noticed the 1-week of no exercising at all.

Today and Friday I plan to run 45 minutes. Plus I have my 8-mile route all ready and prepared for Sunday. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to find a new route. It helps that I'm somewhat familiar with the area. Right now I'm staying within the known areas. Once I feel more comfortable (and the mileage gets higher) I will branch out.

But I'm feeling good and happy to be writing again. I've missed you all! Just a quick hello before I head to work to let you all know I'm baaaaaaaack!!

Here are some pictures of an African American Cultural Festival I went to on Saturday.

Plus some things that reminded me of Spain...

and some things you can only find in the USA!

Yes, this is a Pizza Hut car!

The best frozen custard on the planet!


  1. Encantada de tener noticias tuyas y de saber que estás corriendo de nuevo. Un besito

  2. Hola guapa! Gracias por el comentario, la verdad es que estaba loca por escribir y correr, así que por fin he podido. Vamos tirando y poquito a poco se arreglan las cosas. Te mando muchos besitos.

  3. YAY!! Glad you are back!!! Hope it was a smooth trip over!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bet it's nice to start settling back down :)

  4. Thanks! I'm SO happy to be here! It was a less than smooth trip but we're settled in and moving forward. I can't wait to hear about your marathon!!!!

  5. Those pics make us a little nearer! Don't let Chema buy that Churros... they seem to be addictive! LOL

  6. Hahhaha! Normally I would agree with you...but I'm curious! lol.