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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Things I'm Loving (September Edition)

So I've decided to introduce a new idea to the blog: monthly loves

I plan to add all types of new things I've tried and like for the given month.

No, I didn't invent the idea. I know. But I figured it would be a nice change from marathon training updates, hair updates, and fitness stuff. 

Plus, it helps me stick to my budget. There's always tons of non-necessity things that I want to buy every time I go to the supermarket. Limiting myself to a few new things a month will keep me in check....hopefully.

September's edition starts with FOOD!

When I was in Spain I had been CRAVING this like crazy! I wanted some cashew butter as well but haven't found it yet. I need to locate a Whole Foods near where I live because Trader Joe's (at least the one near me) only has almond butter and peanut butter (yucky!). 

These have to be the sweetest and softest raisins I have ever eaten in my life. I think it's because it doesn't have vegetable oil added to it. If you notice, most raisins have it because it makes them shiny and so they don't stick together in the package. These don't!

I love shredded wheat! This stuff is great and I've tried the other two flavors in my grocery store (cinnamon and vanilla). As you all know Kashi is great when it comes to all-natural ingredients. This cereal has only whole wheat and cane sugar in it. This is my power breakfast when I add some fruit and nuts.

These are SO delicious! They are easy, portable, sweet potato patties! It hits the spot when I want something sweet and still want to be healthy. There's only 8g of sugar per patty. I usually eat about two.

This is some dense bread. I only need to eat one piece to get full. Each slice is only 100 calories (not that I count calories) and is nice and thick. When I have lunch I like to have salty and sweet. So I cut a slice in half. The first half I spread with almond butter, sprinkle with some raisins and a drizzle of honey. The second half I eat with some cheese, and non fat turkey slices. Or, like today, with one of my veggie hotdogs (see below).

Here's a close up of this delish bread. I'm a bit nervous about the salt content so I'll probably try something else when it runs out.

This was my try veggie meat experiement. I've tried sausages before (don't remember the brand) and they were delicious. These smell horrible. Like chemicals. However, I got past the scent and tried them and they aren't bad. I'd buy them again. They are really chewy but taste faintly like smoked meat. These are small so if you want to make it a meal you'd have to eat two and a side dish!

I had to get my tea fix! I LOVE tea! I don't discriminate: I love white, black and green tea. I prefer loose tea but these tea bags aren't bad. It tastes fresh and like authentic green tea. I've been drinking it three times a day since I got it!

That's it. I've also been enjoying some old favorites like cottage cheese (non fat of course!), apple cider (I love the fall!) and greek yogurt (also non fat). I also found a wonderful farmer's market not too far from where I live. It sells wonderful, fresh fruit and veggies as well as nuts and plants. The next time I go I give a tour for the blog. But I'm loving it! I wonder what's in store for next month...

Oops! Almost forgot! Pecans we got from the friendly, local, farmer's market! They are nice and freshly picked tasting. Gotta love the farmer's market.


  1. Wow, Sam, you are such a healthy eater! Veggie sausages, never heard of that.
    I'm not such a healthy eater (love my snacks) but I've discovered that foods like oats with lots of fibre keep me fuller for longer so I try to eat foods high in fibre. That means I don't have to over-indulge my huge cravings for snack.

  2. Hey Oluchi! Thanks for commenting! (How are you btw?) Veggie sausages are good! Simulates eating the real thing beautifully! I agree about the fiber. I do the same thing for the same reason and a couple others: it's good for your heart...and keeps you regular!

  3. You don't like Peanut butter?!?! Haha, I love all butters.. but Peanut butter is my favorite!! I tried to make my own Cashew butter, but it failed-big time. Maybe I needed to add more oil or something? Who knows..

    I also love the Kashi Shredded wheat, cinnamon is my favorite and usually only in the fall time do I pick up a box or 2 (or 12). And TEA! I am a huge tea drinker!!

    Basically, what I am saying is I love most everything on your Things I'm Loving September edition!

  4. No! I'm not a peanut butter fan! I don't even like peanuts. I also hate Brazil nuts and hazelnuts. Anything else I'll eat. I've been wanting to try making my own nut butters. My mom just bought a fancy, new blender. So I'll try it out one of these days.

    Kashi Shredded Wheat rules! Cinnamon is my fav too. I love cinnamon!

    The sourdough bread I gave up. We just finished the last piece on Monday and moved on to something else. My hubby hated it. lol.