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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Walking with the 16-year-old

He's my brother before anyone gets nervous!

We went on a walk earlier this week as part of my recovery session after my long run. I usually do 30 minutes on the static bike but I had to leave it in Spain. *sad face*

Instead, we went on an hour long walk. I'd only planned to do 30-45 minutes but we got to talking and time flew. Not surprisingly teenagers have a lot on their chests.

Afterwards I did some arm exercises and some abs. I don't have any weights yet so I did old-fashioned pushups.

  • Normal ones
  • Hands wide apart ones
  • Hands close together ones
  • And the new hands in a diamond to work the triceps more

I also did chair dips, and a bunch of ab exercises. All in all it was about 15 minutes. Not bad.

If people think you can't work your muscles without weights, well, YOU ARE WRONG! Because my arms and my abs are SORE! 

I feel like I haven't done anything these past two months and I have! 

You guys know I have!

So if you don't do pushups, do them!

Ok, random post over.


  1. Yeah, I know, I know. I really should do push-ups. I just don't really know how to get started. Every day? Every second day? How many? Or just go until I collapse? Maybe push-ups will be one of my October health goals...

  2. I try to do them 3xs a week. So you do them every other day. You rest in between days.

    At first, do as many as you can using the proper form. Then work up from there. At the beginning it's not how many you do, it's how well you do them. If that makes sense.

    Once you get stronger you can add variations.

    I do 3 kinds of push ups right now and I do about 2 sets of 12. Sometimes more, smoetimes less, depending on how much time I have.