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Friday, September 23, 2011

Where to do my intervals?


So this is another mini-frustration post.

I like to include Fartlek, or speed training, into my marathon training routine. I typically do it about every two weeks or so. The last time I did it was in Spain so I'm anxious to get back into it.

However, where do I go? 

There are no tracks nearby, at least none that I'm aware of. So I guess I'll have to do a bit of research. 

Since I don't have my license...yet, I have to depend on Chema to take me wherever I go. 

That means morning runs are out of the question.

We use my moms car, meaning we have to pick her up after work. She is cool about us using it until we get one. 

But that means I won't be able to run until 6pm or later. 

That's not super late. Plus if I find a track somewhere close I don't care where I go.

Then again, I could always run around here...but I don't want to run up or downhill.

That's how I got injured last year. 

My goal is to find a flat stretch of land that will permit me to run 4 minutes at a 7/8 and 1 minute at a 5.

I want to do it safely and with little to no interruptions. Meaning no annoying people, their kids, and/or dogs getting in the way.

I was supposed to do my intervals this week. 

But my foot started hurting Sunday as you all well know. 

So this week I haven't done much of anything except weights. Thankfully, my foot feels MUCH better today. I have to run 6 miles on Sunday so we'll see if it behaves for that.

If I'm injury free I will incorporate my Fartlek the first week in October. I hope I figure out where to go before then...

Anyway, I've been writing all day at work so I'm tired. Have a good weekend all!

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