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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Week 7 Hair

They look so innocent don't they? Don't be fooled! (googleimages)

 That banana-mango deep conditioner was a complete DISASTER! Do  NOT and I have to repeat, DO NOT ever, ever, EVER try that recipe. I haven't gotten around to it yet, but I plan to rip out that page and/or burn it. (I put all my hair recipes and things I want to try in a diary type book).


The mango would not stay in my hair. It was falling all over the place. The recipe said to mash it but I guess it really should've been pureed.


I could not rinse the banana pieces out of my hair! I was panicking last week because I had all this gunk in my hair that would not come out! Even today washing my hair, there were still some pieces left!

Last week I had rinsed it out and then applied my herbal rinse. I look in the mirror and see all this gunk in my hair. I didn't take pictures simply because I was desperate. I try to pull the pieces out but my curls wouldn't let it go.

  • So I apply some more shampoo and work it in really well. No help. 
  • On top of the shampoo I apply some conditioner because it has good slip and maybe the banana pieces will slide off. No help. 
  • On top of the shampoo and condtioner I apply some of my scalp oil to it. That has even more slip so the pieces should definitely come out then! No help. 

I was smoothing my hair so much at this point that some banana pieces did fall out into the sink by default. But the DISASTER was by no means solved.

 The worst part is

that this was at 2am. I had to do my 2-hour run that night because we were out all day. I didn't go until 1030pm and then when I got back I started my hair. Well, with trying to get the banana pieces out, and then giving up and just twisting my hair and hoping it wasn't noticeable (it wasn't) I didn't end up going to bed until 5am!!! Yes, people, I didn't go to bed until 5am and had to wake up at 11am. 


Suffice to say, I wanted to body slam the person who invented that recipe and then decided to put it on the world wide web for all to see!

Of course I'm back to my Shea Moisture deep conditioner today. Because even though I don't like it that much, at least it smells good and there are NO BANANA PIECES!!! Thankfully, no long term damage has been done to my hair but I did waste a perfectly good, ripe, mango and banana!

Oh the trial and error of natural hair!

Week 8 Hair 
  • Shampoo
  • Detangle with conditioner
  • Deep condition (Shea Moisture!)
  • Herbal rinse
  • Kimmaytube leave in
  • Twists 

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