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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Week 6 Hair

"Freestyle Updo"

We, finally, went out this weekend so I had to find something to do with my hair. I took out my twists on Thursday because I was sick of them and they were frizzy. Usually I leave them in until Friday but we had plans! I wasn't about to walk out the house with hideous hair so I had to come up with something. 

When I took my twists out Thursday I still prepared them for bed. I spritzed them with my mix of water, Infusium 23 leave in, rosemary essential oil and aloe vera juice. Then I twisted them in 8 big twists. 

The next day I refreshed them with my leave in conditioner, Qhemet moisturizer and a dime-sized amount of castor oil. I put my hair in a high puff with the help of some Ecostyler gel, to slick the sides, and a piece of old stocking. It was super cute (no pics though because I forgot). 

Yesterday (Saturday) we went out again and so I had to come up with something else to do. The style above I call my "Freestyle Updo." I just pinned my hair up with bobby pins and left the front out. I didn't have to apply ANY extra product! Nothing at all! My hair was soft and moisturized from the day before! 

I was beyond surprised. I attribute it to the castor oil because it's the only thing I changed. I normally only use it in my kimmaytube leave in but I used some this time just because. To try something different. 

I love it! 

I'm going to do it again to refresh my hair when I take out my twists because it was like magic. I simply used a dime-sized amount, maybe less, and my hair looked and felt fantastic. 

It stayed hydrated for two whole days without applying anything else.

Week 7 Hair
  • Hot oil treatment
  • Shampoo
  • Detangle with conditioner
  • Deep condition (I want to try something new this week so look for the recipe below)
  • Herbal rinse
  • Kimmaytube leave in
  • Twists

Mango Moisturizer

1 vitamin E capsule (or 1 tsp.)
1 ripe banana
1/2 ripe mango

Puncture capsule, peel fruit, combine until mixed. Apply to hair while wet and cover hair with a plastic cap for 20 minutes. Rinse.

I was inspired by my friend Sprina who told me about her hair routine last week. She used this luscious sounding deep conditioner with avocado and banana and then finished with this divine sounding macadamia nut oil. 

I know I always say it's best to stick with one thing but I can never do it! There are just so many things I want to try! So stay tuned for the update next week on how I liked (or disliked) this deep conditioner recipe.

I also received my Bear Fruit Hair purchases. 

The cutest bottles right?

Check out the yummy ingredients.

The deep condition mask smells SO GOOD! I can't wait to use it! I mean it even smells better than the Shea Moisture one I talk about all the time. I doubt I'll wait until my first 3 months are over.

Another good thing is that it seems like it'd be easy to mix up my own batches of these products. The ingredients are easy enough to find. So if you don't want to spend a lot of money that's an interesting option.

Other Thoughts

Lately, I've been enjoying a channel on youtube by a licensed trichologist (someone who studies hair). Her name is Lisa Akbari and she answers questions that people have concerning all sorts of hair issues. It's quite informative. She also has her own institute where you can go and she can diagnose problems that you may have. In addition, she has her own line of hair products that I might try at some point.

She always talks about keeping things simple. I can't do her research and expertise justice here so do check out her channel. But in her last episode she talked about hot oil treatments. She said that they don't help much because the molecules of the oil are too big to penetrate the hair shaft. So right after a treatment your hair feels great but the effects aren't long-lasting.

That made sense to me. I mean, that's my experience. My hair feels soft and moisturized but it only lasts a day at the most. Now I'm considering whether to do my hot oil treatment or not. If I have time I will but if not I doubt it will affect my hair one way or another. Just something to think about.

There's also this new book (The Science of Black Hair) creating buzz around the natural hair community. I don't know if I'll buy it but it does seem to have interesting topics in it. It's for those with relaxed and natural hair so check it out if you're interested.

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