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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Unforeseen Circumstances

This will be a short post, hopefully, on some (unforeseen) circumstances coming up that I hope won't hinder my marathon training progress.



1) Moving to another country

So it's not exactly what you may think. I've been living abroad (meaning outside the United States) for the last four years. I previously lived in England and currently live in Spain. I was studying while In England (where I got married) and then my husband and I left and came to his country (he's Spanish). 

We are leaving Spain in September because the crisis has hit the country bad. The unemployment rate is at 20%: so 1 in 5 Spaniards are unemployed. He has been out of work for more than a year now and so we decided to leave. 

The silly thing is that I'm more concerned about having to change my running routes than the move! I know the move will work out with some effort and hard work. 

But it's hard for me to leave my tried and true routes! I mean now I have to re-map everything, kind of start from zero, and so I'm a little worried. That will take some time and I don't want it to disrupt my training.


 2) Jobs

I've been lucky in that my work in Spain has allowed me to be flexible. I worked for myself and so could schedule my workouts in whenever I pleased. Now I will most likely have a 9-5 job, working for "The Man," who won't let me come in late or leave early because I need to get a run in. 

So my schedule will be a lot more restrictive. I'm worried that I won't have the energy after a 9-5 to do my runs or the time. Again, it will just take some adapting to it (time) but I hope it won't disrupt my training.


1) Documentation

Something I am really excited about with this move is that I am motivating myself to be a lot more proactive about documenting my journey. There will be a lot more videos and pictures to come on the blog, so stay tuned! 

2) Running Team

I've already done some research about the area where I'm moving (North Carolina) and there are a couple of running teams near me! This is going to be the push I need to stay motivated. As well as make some new friends and connections to the running community in my area. I've always wanted a running buddy so I'm thrilled with the possibilities!

3) Half Marathon       

The day before yesterday I signed up for a half marathon race in North Carolina! It will be my second one and will be held on November 6th. I am super excited! My plan is to also run some 5ks and 10ks leading up to that race. I want to get a few more races under my belt before I run the marathon in 2012.

4) Marathon   

I also found a marathon in 2012 in the area! It is a qualifying race, which is perfect. It is in Myrtle Beach (technically South Carolina) and takes place February 18th. Registration begins in August.

 5) Odds and Ends

One last positive is since I will be in the States again I can try/do some research on a ton of things I couldn't find abroad (future posts on these products coming soon):
Moving is always stressful. It is only heightened when you have to pick up and move to another country. But I (and my husband) look at it as another adventure. I'm cool with that...as long as it doesn't screw up my training!


  1. Best of luck on the new adventure! Looking forward to reading about it and interested to see your future articles on those research topics! Also looking forward to you documenting the marathon training, its an interesting process! Keep up the great blog! Will try to get more articles done on mine on those topics suggested!

  2. Thank yo for this post. I knew things were bad in Spain but I didn't know unemployment was at 20%. I look forward to seeing video's and pictures of your move. What a great idea to join a running team. I see them all over the place in Denver. Keep up the great work and I am really looking forward to your dessert recipe post.

  3. I actually have a Month 1 check in coming at the beginning of August of my marathon training. I figured I would do one every month and of course when I run a race. We'll see how it goes, maybe a weekly post would be more interesting. I can't wait to read the new content on your site!

  4. Yes, things are BAD in Spain and not getting better anytime soon. This is the best time to leave and, honestly, I'm ready to go! I am so not a taking pictures person but look for pics of us at the airport, with tons of suitcases and crap! Oh, and tomorrow look for another delish recipe! Btw, do you run?

  5. I had no idea you lived in Spain! How exciting about the move though... you're right, it will be an adventure. As for the 9-5 job... it will take a while to get used to the schedule and you'll probably feel kind of drained at the end of the day for a while (that's how I felt when I started working full time) but your body will adjust so just stick it out and make use of your rest days!

  6. I think you will enjoy p90x it is my fav at home workout. Bikram yoga rocks! The heat helps with stretching out your muscles and burning more calories, bosu ball is cool too. I'm so glad your coming home!

  7. @Stephanie: Yea, I've been here for the last two years. It was definitely an incredible experience at first but the whole economic crisis was just bad timing. Thanks for the tip about working full time. I know it will be hard at first. But at least I'm preparing mentally for it.

    @Sprina: You have tried so many things! Why do you say you have no motivation when it comes to exercise? You certainly do! I'm really glad I'm coming home finally too. It was time.