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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Week 50 Hair

Well, it's almost Week 50 Hair. It will be this weekend but I actually washed my hair yesterday because I had to.

I'd gone almost 4 WEEKS without shampooing my hair! It was simply because of lack of time (work is no joke) and laziness. So it had to be done.

This time around I think I will just wash my hair with the twists in. So I will shampoo every week but only once every two weeks I'll take the twists down.

I want to see how it goes because I really don't like having a dirty scalp, especially with the weather getting warmer and me about to start training. Even now I sweat A LOT! 

So I know this is a super short post but just wanted to let you know what is up with the hair. Maybe I'll come back with pics next week as I wash with the twists in. 

I'm nervous because I know I'm going to have to battle frizz. We'll see how it goes...

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