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Monday, May 28, 2012

Week 50 Hair Part 2

In my haste to post my hair update this week I completely forgot to share one of my new hair purchases: butterfly clips! This is one above that I bought and I also bought three other smaller ones in different colors.

I'm really into hair accessories for the summer as well as head wraps. Tons of scarves have just been collecting dust in my drawers with no real use. 

They are too thin to wear during the winter and some are too small to wear around my neck at all! However they are perfect to be used as hair accessories. 

Youtubers have really inspired me by showing me how to tie and rock them in cute ways. I've already tried a bunch of different styles that I hope to share in the upcoming weeks.

Also, my puff that I showed in Week 37 Hair is going to be my primary protective style over the summer. As I've stated before, Córdoba weather is incredible drying and I'm already noticing that I have to apply more product to my hair.

So to protect my ends from excessive drying I've decided that when the real heat arrives I will tuck my hair away. The headbands that I showed in Week 46 Hair I plan to rock to spice up the puff along with any further hair accessories I buy.

My goal this summer is to retain moisture so that I don't experience any unnecessary shedding or breakage. I will definitely come back with pics of my scarf styles and once I finally start rocking my puff.


  1. OMG, I love that butterfly clip. What a great idea. If I see any, I'm definitely going to try them out. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks! I say anything can go in the hair. If I was a crafty person (I'm not) I'd make hair accessories out of anything! Don't you think a really unique button would be cute?

  2. Sister!!
    I am trying to find ways to accessorize, but my hair is shorter than yours. :( I have a wedding coming up, and I would LOVE you pick your brain about some "elegant" hair ideas for me!!!

    1. You can accessorize any length of hair! Seriously. But yes, we must have a chat about some hairstyles. I am definitely NOT the hair guru but I'll have a think and browse youtube too!