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Monday, May 21, 2012

Foot Stretches

I often forget that recovery after a run or weights session is just as important as the sessions themselves. 

When I first started training I didn't have a normal 9-5, so I had a lot more time to dedicate to my training and working out.

This time around I feel as if I'm constantly rushing and cutting corners. 

As long as I get my runs in or my weights done, I don't care about anything else! 

So I'll stretch super quick and ignore those pesky aches and pains because I don't want to miss a run.

Well no more! I'm starting to get more proactive about taking care of my body so that I don't get injured. In another post I talked about dynamic stretching. Now I'm focusing on the feet.

Normally I don't pay them much attention but they are essential to everything! Not just for exercising but for getting around as well. With the warm weather already here I find myself flocking to sandals and realizing that my feet need a lot more tender love and care!

Last week I gave myself a pedicure. But I also noticed that my feet have been feeling really tired lately. So I want to take better care of them, especially since the training for my next marathon starts next month!

Of course my trusty Runner's World magazine came through for me again! Below are the exercises I've been incorporating into my workout regimen. I realize the explanations are in Spanish...but you get the idea.

If you want some detailed explanations (in English) on what to do then just do a google search. I'm NO expert so I'm not even going to try to act like I am. Do your own research and find out what works for your body and your schedule.

I'm learning as I go along to and I think this is a good first step to taking care of my feet.

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