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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Henna Application 2

Definitely how I felt while appling the Henna! (Googleimages)

Please take a look at the pictures posted in Week 43 Hair: Henna Madness to see how I do my mix and apply the product.

This time around it was faster and I had a more even application to the strands. It was still a mess though! I'm convinced that this will always be a messy process. 

Next time around I plan to:

  • Do it overnight.

It is SO BORING having to be in the house all day with this stuff on. Plus it's heavy! As long as I wear a robe with a hood and protect the pillow I'm sure I'll be OK. The day I applied it, it was raining all day so I was lucky. But on those nice days coming up soon I'm not wasting a weekend! Once I start training I'll just have to reshuffle my long run once a month to make room for the treatment.

  • Add more water.
I did this time as well, which made the application process easier. But I think making it just a tad more pudding like, and less mud like, will help. It's hard to measure though because you don't want it too runny or it will leak.

It's amazing though how Henna makes you feel like you have so much hair!

My next wash day will be in two weeks. This works out perfectly, yet again, because the next two Saturdays I have to work.


  1. I love the pic with this post. It's exactly how I felt doing henna, I really wanted to get messy with it, but I actually stayed pretty clean on my second go around. I like the over night thing best too and your right that stuff is HEAVY!! The second time I did my treatment I did a "henna gloss" Curly Nikki style and I preferred that a lot more. My hair felt softer and yet still stronger. I missed my 3rd treatment last week and this weekend I have to work so it will have to wait another week but I don't mind since it is so much work!!

    1. You "wanted" to get messy??!! Lol...um...why? I have to check out henna gloss though. Sounds interesting.