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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dynamic Stretching

This was me today. Except I was in running gear and a hot pink running jacket! (Googleimages)

The weather here in Córdoba has been frustrating me recently! For the past two weeks I've had to modify my longs runs, and/or reshuffle runs, for the week due to rain. (Which is highly uncharacteristic for this area, in general, and especially for this time of year.) 

Córdoba does need rain so I'm glad for that. I'm also glad that I haven't had to deal with unbearable hot temperatures, which are typical to this area this time of year. However, tomorrow the rain stops and next week the heat begins. So running will get back to normal...although I'll also have to wake up super early to run before the heat gets too intense.

Today I attempted to run in the rain. It was a semi-fail but at least I went. I have a water repellent (I think) jacket but it's definitely not water proof. So I was soaked through within 45 minutes. I had to take the hair dryer to my running shoes so they'll be dry for tomorrow! I have two hours to do. I should've done two hours today and then 1 hour 57 minutes tomorrow. But one can't control the weather!

I plan to discuss my conditioning program in a later post because I want to take this time to share an interesting video I found on Runner's World the other day. It's about dynamic stretching.

While haven't done "extensive" research on it, I know enough about it to want to incorporate it into my workout routine. It's supposed to be more productive (and safer) than static stretching before a workout. Typically, you should warm up before stretching since not doing so can lead to pulled muscles and other injuries. You should never stretch on "cold" muscles.

Dynamic stretching gets the muscles fired up in a way that is more useful. Of course everyone should do their own research before trying anything, but this works perfectly for me and my body. I actually don't stretch before I run even if I do warm up before. I find that my muscles are too tight and it feels like they are pulling when I do stretch before. In fact, my muscles ache a lot less since I stopped static stretching before my running workouts.

My body would benefit from some type of pre-run preparation and that's why I've decided to try these moves. They are all fairly easy and I plan to do them before my long run on Sunday. Of course I always thoroughly stretch after every workout.

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