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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hill Training

I definitely don't have any of these closeby. 

Yea, this is more like it.

Today is the day I start my hill training. As I said in my last post about my conditioning program, one run a week I do a faster run. 

Currently I've been doing fartlek (4 minutes at a fast pace with 1 minute recovery is one set) but I'm getting bored. One of my running goals is to incorporate hills into my training. While I'm not training yet, I feel like now is a good time to get a taste of some hill training.

I went over to the handy Runner's World once again because it's so convenient! I took a look at 2 programs, (Program 1 and Program 2), but think I'm going to combine them to create a workout that fits with my goals, my time restraints, and the area where I live.

The terrain where I live is super flat. So I have to search out my hills. Tonight after work I'm going to jog to a park that has some man-made hills to start my training. I am going to start off with 15 minutes and then increase 6 or 7 minutes each week.

My workout is as follows:

  1. Run up the hill for 60-90 seconds at a fast pace (5K pace) or until I get to the top
  2. Jog down slowly
  3. Then repeat until I clock 15 minutes

Pretty simple right? In the summer when I have more time to venture out further to find hills I will try some of the other hill training exercises. For now, I'm content.


  1. I was wondering if you were ever gonna post again!

    Hill training sounds fun! I used to love running up that "hill" on the Oberlin football fields after an entirely flat run around the area...

    1. I know! Me too! I'd been wanting to post for awhile but I just didn't have the time. But I set a goal for May and I made it! Hill training...well...fun is not exactly the word I'd use for it...lol. It burns!