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Sunday, May 27, 2012

A quick break

This was me mentally the last few days! (GoogleImages)

So this post is an "addendum", so to speak, to yesterday's post about taking it easy ("Tómalo con calma"). I've been off from work for the May festivities here in Córdoba since Thursday and I haven't run since then!

My first day back running was today after I took a break on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

I don't feel guilty, bad, fat or any of those negative things I used to feel when I would miss even a day from running. Honestly, I feel like my body needed a bit of a break. Plus, what better time to take it than when I'm off of work as well?

This post just reiterates the importance of listening to your body and relaxing when you need to. This morning I felt recharged and ready to get back out there. 

It was starting to feel like a bit of a chore with work and having to get up before sunrise because of the heat. Now I feel like I've renewed my dedication while also giving my mind and body a needed escape. 

I recommend that everyone take a mini-break from life whenever they can. You will thank yourself later!

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