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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Week 31 Hair

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! OR MERRY WHATEVER YOU CELEBRATE!!! I hope everyone is enjoying time off with loved ones and relaxing.  

As I wrote about last week I tried something new with my routine. Instead of twisting my hair while wet as per usual. I twisted it dry. 

I think I like it!

It was a lot easier to twist (less tangles) and my hair didn't twist on itself at the ends like it usually does. Many times I have to clip off knots that form because my hair is so curly. 

The dry twists made it a lot more manageable. My hair was also a lot easier to style. So I played around with a few protective styles this week.

I didn't do anything too fancy but it was fun to try some new styles. Obviously, twisting it dry gave me a lot less shrinkage so the length allowed me a bit more freedom with styling. They were also less frizzy. So I didn't use any gel at all to slick down my edges. I liked that because although I like the slicked look, I don't like to use a lot of gel. 

I kept the twists in for the same amount of time (4 days) though. I exercise everyday so my hair needs to be washed at the end of the week. I don't bother to wash my hair with twists in because it's so curly it will just be a frizzy mess.

This weekend I did my long run on Saturday so I wouldn't have to run on Christmas Day. So I washed my hair yesterday and prepped it for twists.

Last week my hair was still a bit wet the next day so I'm going to probably twist my hair on Monday. I don't have to work so I don't have to worry about wearing a beanie on my head. I like beanies though.

Right now my hair is shampooed, conditioned, moisturized and in big braids. It is all ready for my twisting tomorrow.

So, I'm going to go downstairs in a little bit and start some of my vegan recipes. Definitely be sure to check those out this week when I post them on the blog!

Week 32 Hair

Detangle with conditioner
Deep condition
Kimmaytube leave in

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