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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Week in Review

The highlight of this week is my 5K on Saturday. I'm not worried or stressed out about it. It should be a nice, fun, race. It's holiday-themed so I should have some funny pictures to share with you all in the race recap. I, however, won't be dressing up...maybe next year.

We also put up our Christmas tree! For the past few years my mom has bought a fake tree. I'm not a fan. So this year, to please me, she got the biggest authentic tree ever!

Actually, while I was writing this post the tree fell over! The honest truth. I had to pause for at least half an hour. If we had a camera it would have gotten a million views on youtube! Seriously. It wasn't funny cleaning up the broken ornaments and re-decorating the tree though. Oh well, it didn't kill my holiday spirit!

Anyway, the highlight of my Sunday was that I found a new running route! I'm so excited because my 16 miles last week were torture. I ran 6 miles on Sunday and in 2 weeks I run 18 miles. Chema found it while riding his bike and it's perfect! 

New scenery really helps to recharge your motivation.

OK, so here's how my week is developing:


I felt incredibly sluggish so I decided that today would be my rest day. 


Today I did 20-minute intervals on the treadmill and weights (upper body). I can feel how long it's been since I've done intervals because I feel like my body wants to fall off! Wow, I feel super tired right now and it was only 20 minutes.


Weights (lower body). I wanted to do a class at the gym but I have to go with my mom to a Community Watch Meeting. It's going to be quite boring but we have to go and "argue" against a fine. My mom's neighborhood has this new ridiculous rule where the trash cans have to be on the side of the house. We had them maybe 2 days in front of the house and so we got sanctioned. These communities are the worst!


20 minute interval training again. Hopefully it'll be a lot easier than today! Abs. I'm also thinking of a class if I have time. 


This was going to be a rest day because of the 5K on Saturday. But since I rested on Monday I might just do a class. There's a body combat class and that's not intense cardio.


5K in Cary! Look for recap pics!


Rest day. It's going to feel weird not running today on my typical long run day. The only time I didn't run was when I was injured! Although, I am going out Saturday night with my sister for a birthday party so maybe I'll even sleep in!

Let me know what your get moving plans are for this week!


  1. Hahahahaaa oh man, that is pretty funny about the tree! Looks great though!!

    My get moving plans this week are pretty slim.. do some DVD workouts as it is frick'n freezing outside (-teens).. Tomorrow should be back in the 40s.. hoping to get a run in then!!

  2. It happened in slow motion too! lol. I was like Noooooo!!!!...and then it fell. *sigh*. Oh the holiday season!

    I should buy myself some of those DVDs as an Xmas present for myself! I want to try something new.

    I also can't believe it's that cold where you are. It's never getting cold here. I'm convinced.